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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Flip Flopping Around

I image that the only pair of shoes you would need in Hawaii are flip flops. That is what I see on TV generally. That is a very far away vacation spot. The thing that fascinates me the most are the volcanoes and the lore of now you can't take a lava rock or you will be cursed. I have heard those tales and have been intrigued. It has to be true because if you look that up on Snopes, the urban legend pages, it has the bad luck thing as true. It is not an urban legend.

I have not looked into staying in Hawaii at hotels or homes if I ever were to visit. In the event I do go there I at least have a place to research to find out about Hawaii real estate . Hawaii real estate has agents located on all the islands who can assist you in buying or selling property. For me moving there would be the retirement spot. The company which is American Dream Realty has partnerships with several mortgage companies to provide the best mortgage rates available. Free quotes are also available.

Oahu real estate is just one of the islands you may be interested in. Oahu is one of the bigger islands and is called the meeting place. Looking for property there is easy with the search tool on the site. To use it just enter your info, select the areas you are interested in and hit the search button. All properties then will pop up and you can contact an agent to get the lava rock rolling. (But just so long as it does not roll off the island--the curse)

Kauai real estate is just as easy to obtain or anywhere else for that matter. The company is worldwide and manages both rental and home owner properties. Even if you did not want to buy, you would be able to rent. When I think of any place on Hawaii I think of paradise...the beaches, the surfing, volcanoes and scenery. I do hope to visit there one day. I know that at least now, there is an easy way to find a place to live or rent while there, that is designed with me in mind. The best rental rates or mortgage rates that will save money for both me and the owners. So I had better gather up my flip flops for a possible future trip to the "big island". American Dream Realty can make the trip or retirement to Hawaii an American dream reality.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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