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Monday, October 08, 2007

Traveling Shoes

Whenever I have gone anywhere, I have always had my traveling shoes in order. I have always scoped out where I was going and have always done lots of research to find out all I could about going. Whenever I am on a trip I always take lots of pictures. In the past it has always been about putting together a photo album. Now it is all about putting together a travel log. I just started a travel blog on word press. I did not know about the free travel log and travel guide available on Real Travel.

If I had know about this before, I might have started writing my travel blog there. I might have more visitors to come by that way. The good thing about the site is that is is all information gathered by real travelers...people who actually went to those places. Real people who know all the ins and outs and who can offer real tips and advice that can make the trip a success.

It is also a resource for people thinking about going to a place. They have the chance to get some first hand information. Once they decide where they want to go, there is a free trip planner that will allow you to do research and even plan your itinerary. There is even a "things to do page" that will allow you to check by subject what is available to do and where. Now that is a REAL travel guide! IF you want to network with other travelers, you can do that in the forums and you can even get prices and deals on your travel. It helps to have a point of reference on travel.

Blogs have made a recanting of your visit in a particular place an on line travel guide. With narratives and pictures and often times links, you can just about find out all you want to know before picking the final destination. Be informed. Check out Real Travel. It is real travel by real places recanting their real travel experiences.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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