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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Inner Valley Girl

When I was in college, the whole valley girl thing was in. I was enamored with California and wanting to go there. It was a totaly different head...totally! Like I really could see me living on the beach in a totally rad place. Not some place that was grody to the max! Maybe live there for the summer in a like san diego beach house. WAY cool! How to choose? I would have to check out San Diego Vacation Rentals and Realty Consultants.

They were established in 1985 and specialize just in waterfront property near Mission Bay. Nice! Living on the coast myself, I really do have an appreciation for the water. The homes and rentals they manage rest on 5000 acres and 27 miles of shoreline. It seems that the general population do not really know they are there, but they are gaining in popularity each year. Mission Beach is the area that is key. Their are mission beach luxury homes that are perfect for vacations at any time of the year. You are never far from the beach or the bay and you can walk just about anywhere.

It does not rain in California (as the song says) so there is always lots to see and do. There are theme parks all around and in the Mission Bay area are The Wild Animal Park and Lego Land. In addition there are lots of community events that take place all year long. So if you are in the market for san diego vacation rentals, be sure to visit this site. They have pictures so that you can take a sort of virtual tour. It is good to be able to see what your are getting ahead of time. They also have a team of real estate porfessionals waiting to work with you in regards to your rental needs. So...embrace your inner valley girl. Get to California and stay in a great place in San Diego. The San Diego Realty Consultants will be able to handle all your needs to ensure a pleasurable stay.

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~~Aileen Mehle~~

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