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Saturday, October 09, 2010

As The Shoe Turns

As the shoe turns....

I reflect on what a week this has been. It started off well and then the shoes all got a little nutty. Par for the course! It all began early in the week when several of the other shoes in the closet of various types...canvas, leather, cloth, dressy , casual began to leave and never to return. This made the ferragamo shoes really antsy. The ferragamos already have a host of personality issues ranging from being obsessive to high strung. So the ferragamos were in full gear panic mode by the time I got in on Monday. Luckily I have seen it all before. My motto is never take the crazy on! If someone is over the top...let that stay with them. Don't take it on. You cannot. They will only drag you down to their level and then beat you over the head and beat you down with their experience.

There was a lot of misplaced blame directed toward me for things that had nothing to do with me. I just looked and took no responsiblity for it! The first thing was the bad behavior of one of the various others who were leaving. Somehow that was my fault. Nuts! The next was the water vendor.

With the water vendor, I am just a small pair of shoes in the office..small but nice..Gucci! The ferragamos contracts with a water vendor to come and fill the coolers every 2 weeks or so. The water vendor came in on his day....I do not know the schedule but I was the only pair of shoes in the office. I am not privy to the contract or conditions. I assume he is showing up based on whatever the ferragamos and the company have agreed to . Normally the water vendor comes and looks for empty plastic containers, takes them and replaces them with full. Not a word to me is ever said.

Ferragamos is now mad because the water guy came and he did not want water this week. Who knew? Not me. How would I know? Why did he not call the company and cancel the order or change a schedule? So it is now my fault he has more water than he needs. He implied if it happened again I would be paying for water.

Yes! Insane! I do work with insane shoes! More to come later as the shoe turns!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe! ~~Aileen Mehle~~

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