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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Easy Walk Down the Math Path

Third grade was the undoing of my math career. I had a horrible teacher. I know she was bad as my mother was a school teacher. My third grade teacher did nothing except sit at her desk and read novels. She did not teach us math at all that year, so when I got to fourth grade I was at a great disadvantage.

I changed schools and ended up having to learn basic things like the multiplication tables that I should have learned in the third grade. I ended up having another student who was really good in math sit with me and she acted as my math tutor. I thank god for her. She helped me make it and as you can guess, math was never my best subject. It was always a struggle. I believe that
if you do not have access to what you need then the next best thing would be a tutor. There are now tutors for every subject out there. My own child needed help in middle school and I sent her to the after school tutors at her school.

With our wave of technology there is even help on line now. Take Algebra 2 for example. There
is free online help with TutorVista. If your child is stuck doing that homework they can get help with algebra 2 in such a way that they will understand it and not just be given the answers. Understanding how the answer is derived is the whole thing. Understanding is power. The tutors will provide one on one help and are experts who will work at your child's level and speed to be sure they comprehend the math they are having difficulty with.

There is even help with 4th grade math as well as 5th grade math. Math topics pertenant to each grade level will be addressed. In 4th grade math a few of the subjects that can be accessed are fractions, decimals and geometry. In 5th grade math some of the subjects include fractions and mixed numbers, word problems and graphs. In 4th grade math learning begins with a subject area, then doing simple then more complex problems and ends with a math test to see where you stand. With the 5th grade tutoring, study is customized to the student with thousands of study questions to practice on. Those along with math worksheets will surely improve comprehension. Regardless of the time this help is available 24 hours a day! So late night study is not a problem.

When I was in middle and high school the one thing I recall that I could do well was adding fractions. I loved to do them. In addition to the help with manually adding fractions you can even add fractions on line and get an answer on the spot! That was not around when I was in school! Formula for volume and figuring that out for different shapes was something I had a hard time with. I will never forget that. I had help and once I understood I had no problem after that . Looking at it now it looks like greek and I am so glad I do not have to deal with that anymore! (Volume of a shape is given by computing area of a cross section and spinning it over 360 degrees--did I say greek!)My child is working with that now and she must be smarter that me because she is having no problem with it! If she did I would refer her to the online tutoring that is available!

My child is in high school now and is doing work with graph of lineal equations. She came to me with this about 3 weeks ago and I told her I could not help her. I knew I had had it before but remembered nothing! I guess my mind was a blank slate-a tabula rasa! At that time I referred her to school tutors and she has no problem now. I did not know about this website and the wonderful assistant it can provide. We know now. Both of us for the remainder of this school year will be referring to it if she has any math issues.

Having use of chat and a whiteboard to work out problems with a live tutor is just like working face to face. Students and parents are happy with this service. Check out the testimonials!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe! ~~Aileen Mehle~~

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