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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Home Improvement Shoes

On the weekends I tend to wear some of my most comfortable shoes. Sometimes I even feel industrious so I will put on my work books. Timberlands. When I put those on I feel like doing home improvements. Can shoes actually help you do housework? I think my shoes can! This past weekend I did take a good look at the living room as well as the bathrooms. I want to redo both those rooms. Paint, pictures..the whole nine yards.

In the bathroom I want to put some decorative tile up. I had thought of this about 3 years ago and spent about 4 hours in my local Home Depot. I did not get anything because I could not decide exactly what I wanted to do. Plus some of the tile, just like the ceiling borders for the living room, were limited. So, I still have just plain white walls.

I have discovered a place which seems to have unlimited choices on tiles for the bathroom and lots of other places as well! Glass Tile has literaly hundreds of tiles to choose from. From glass to marble to shells and cobblestone tiles. There is even free shipping on all orders. In order to keep prices competitive, they will match competitors regular final prices. All you have to do is email the link showing the lower price and it will be matched! Who can argue with that?

Bathroom tiles are not the only style they have on the site. They have tiles for kitchen, pool and backsplash projects. There are even online coupons available to help lower the price even more. Once an order is placed, there is ease in tracking your order and seeing the status. For some reason if an order needs to be returned, there is a 365 day guarantee. There is a 15% restocking fee and customers are responsible for return shipping. Just be sure to repack well in the original containers. Tile is delicate. In the same vain, if we are shipped a tile that is broken, the company will replace it on their dime.

I am thinking that I need to spend some time on investigating and creating exactly what sort of design I want. The tiles range from small to some that are like large tile panels. I guess that sort of large tile could be used as subway tiles. I have seen some tiles in some subways. Tile is durable and lasts forever once installed. That is why I was so indecisive at first some years ago. You have to live a long time with that tile once you get it installed. Whatever the choice, be sure to check out Glass Tile They can handle all your tile needs and will leave you a satisfied customer. 40,000 happy customers since 2005 can't possible be wrong!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe! ~~Aileen Mehle~~

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kitchen cabinets said...

Love the article! :) I just repainted my kitchen cabinets and added new hardware.. I wore old Nikes. :)