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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A New Journey

When I think of Myrtle Beach I have several distinct memories. I say memories because I have not been there in awhile. When I graduated from college my boyfriend and I planned to go just for the weekend. We did. We planned ahead and made a reservation at a hotel. I remember the traffic on 17 was just ridiculous heading that way and when we arrived at the hotel we arrived late. Later than the check in time. But I thought I had prepared for that as well. I called ahead and told the hotel we were arriving late.

When we arrived we were dissapointed. It was kind of like a house made into a hotel/inn which was okay...but they had given our room away anyway. We had nowhere to stay and it was about 9pm. What to do! What to do! Luckily we did find another place to stay. It was a much nicer place with an ocean view and I think we were very lucky to find it. It was the 2nd place after we left the original place we reserved!

That experience was about 20 years ago now and today if I were looking for a great Myrtle Beach Hotel I would quickly go on line to a site like Expedia and fine a nice resort. I have used them before for past travel arrangements and I have faith that my room would not be given away before I got there! My brother and sister-in-law travel to Myrtle Beach in the early fall and I am now considering the same thing. This is the perfect time when it is not too hot and not too cold. With the improvements that have been made to that area like the new rides, pavilion, shopping and shows, I know that my child and I would have a grand time.

Check out the Horizon Resort for example. This is definely a place I could stay. (For more in formation check out the link: ) It is lovely with ocean views from most of the rooms. Who would not be happy with that? The rooms are actually condos so to me that would be like a home away from home! It is only a few feet away from the ocean but there is also a lazy river that I know my child would love. She swims like a fish! Another great feature that appeals to me in the wireless internet. These days the computer rules my life and having access at all times in important.

There is of course golf. I have only had the opportunity to place once or twice before in my life with my ex-husband but I would like to really learn how to play. There is a plethora of courses in the area so I would have no problem at all finding a course and an instructor to help me get a handle on the game. After the game I would easily find my way to the pool or the spa for a bit of relaxation. But you do not have to take my word on it. Just take the words of others. It is ranked as one of Myrtle Beach best hotels. Guests who have stayed there before have had quality down time in a beautiful setting. With the holidays coming up the resort even has some holiday specials.

In the future 20 years will not pass before another trip to Myrtle Beach will be planned. With places like the Horizon Resort, having a weekend away can happen anytime I feel the stress of the world and want to get away!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe! ~~Aileen Mehle~~

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