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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Out Damned Spot

Ink and leather!  They do not mix.  I have been fairly lucky.  I have had only one pen to actually explode in a purse and stain the leather.  Luckily the ink was on the purse bottom and was barely visible.  I just pretended it was not there.  The thing I have had issue with are the gel pens I use.  From time to time I have accidently marked the front or side of my bags while carrying the pen.

So far I have had no solution to getting these marks out.  The only thing to change it is to try a gel marker the same color of the purse and try to go over the mark...kind of like painting over it.  I've marked about 3 bags.  Two were coach bags!  Dang!!!! Double dang!!  One was a black gel line on a tan suede coach bag and the other mark was a black gel like on a white leather coach bag!  I was so mad at me! 

If you have any good solutions to getting ink off leather please let me know!  I am looking for solutions!  Thanks!
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