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Sunday, April 25, 2004

AAAWWW SHUTUP Avia Fôm 180! You think you are all that and that your inserts do not stink. But they do. Just sniff a little deeper. I am large and in charge today. That's right me--Disney white leather sneakers with the picture of the main man- mickey on the side. I am about 3 years old and was born at Walt Disney World. I was returned by my previous owner to the Disney Store and was very lucky to have been adopted by this body we share. Luckily this body knows class and a bargain price when she sees it. I only have one complaint. I was neglected for about 3 weeks on the back patio after a bath. I was supposed to be out overnight only was forgotten. I was then subjected to pollen, dirt and bird landings. I had another bath and was finally returned to the dark bowels of the upstairs closet. There were others in their with me but I could only hear faint sneaks and heal tappings in the darkness.

I am the fun one who gets to go to visit my native home each year. Today I have had a light day watering the garden and cleaning the house. My only fear is a chemical rain from one of the cleaning products that may damage my leather or discolor the man-Mickey Mouse himself. Other than that, I am having a perfectly magical day!

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