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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hi. My name is Avia fôm 180. I am still a newborn just being brought home about 3 weeks ago. I am white with blue stipes and have a cantilever sole. I am very tired today. I was barely broken in having being worn only 2 other times before yesterday. Yesterday was WalkAmerica and I had to carry my body for 4 miles. I was very supporting and had a great finish. I was chosen over the slightly soiled Spalding walk/run shoes resting by the sofa right now. I am far better than the Spaldings. My inserts do not stink! I thought that was it for the day on yesterday-WalkAmerica-but boy was I wrong!

My brother's Nikes came in from North Carolina and so did my sister-in-laws' Keds, my nephews' Bobo's and my 9 month old neices' bare feet. I joined the Nikes, Keds, Bobos and bare feet for a day playing tourist. We all sneaked along for another 5 miles touring the city. By the end of the day I had left early childhood for my adolescent years. I still have youth on my side. I am a little dusty but not yet dusty enough for a bath. Today is my day of rest and airing out.

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