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Monday, April 26, 2004

Bon jour! I'm Marissa. I am red hot, a flat with a Mary Jane front. Yes... I am a knock off but I get lots of compliments on my smooth, sleek, stylish, red body. Noone can tell me apart from the designer Mary Janes. At the office everyone asks where I was born. All are expecting to hear Saks, Dillards or some other store. Targæt is my reply! Targæt! That is where I was born. I am about a year old and in my teen years. I have been worn alot. I am flexible and go with many outfits from dress to casual. I do have a career and have to plod into the office often. Today was no exception. I was off and running in to work today. Most of the morning I spent under the desk propped up on my throne- a grey rubbermaid foot rest. All day long the phone ringing. All day long tap, tap, tapping on those computer keys. All that work can wear a shoe out! The only time I get a break is to get up to go to the copier, the water cooler or the mail room. My soles are kind of sedentary under that desk all day. I do take the opportunity to get up and speak to some fellow soles once in a while. Hey look here comes a pair now.........

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