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Thursday, April 29, 2004

I spent the morning break talking to a pair of black flats that worked in the legal department. What type....I was not able to glean that info as of yet. But I will. It is strange talking to other shoes everyday about their makers. Today black flats was having a problem with her surface. It was dry and flakey. She was complimenting me on my surface. This pair of Naturalizers only uses Estee Lauder. Black flats uses Mary Kay. I tried to sway her the Naturalizer way. I feel she may take that step and leave the dark side.

While that conversation was ongoing I really was thinking about the preservation of my "REAL" surface. The surface of my shoes. I think I have tried all the basic ones. Mink oils change the colors of leathers at times-especially light colored leather. I crossed Mink oil off the list quite a while ago. Then I discovered Lexol Leather Conditioner. It was okay. You have to leave it on , let it penetrate, dry and rub or buff. The Lexol clearner was just okay as well.

For a shoe cleaner I am a big fan of Saddle Soap for all leathers. I love it! I have heard of Meltonian Shoe Creams but have never tried. The best of all and my recommendation to every shoe in the world is KIWI shoe products. It contains a quality blend of waxes that protect leather as well as leaves a great shine.

Kiwi Shoe products originated in 1906 by the Scotsman William Ramsey who named it after his wife. Kiwi was first produced in Australia before expanding to the UK in 1911. It is actually the most famous shoe polish sold in the world today. KIWI will leave you shoe tongues wagging for more.

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