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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Spalding walk/run here and now...just walking today. To the garden in fact. I must stake my beloved peonies that have bloomed for the first time this year. Those pink and white bulbous heads smell heavenly. Some of my other favorite things in the garden include the lilac delphiniums, the rose/white aquilegia and the trumpeter vines.

I shall have to get into my stomping mode. I see some very large garden snails that are about the size of a spool of thread. Yuk! I do not know if these shoes were made for stomping but that is what I'll do. If they don't leave my garden I's gonna stomp all over the 3 of you! HMMMMMM! Why does that sound like a familiar tune?

Well---my soles did not want to have any part of snail soup so I moved them to a far corner of the yard.

0 Broken Heels: