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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Spalding walk/run is absolutely sick of the neighbor's shoes. Why? Because everytime I fill my bird feeder the neighbor's shoes feel compelled to do their part to feed the wildlife as well. They have no feeders or birdbaths as Spalding walk/run does. Their idea of feeding the birds is placing out whole pieces of bread and it must be the entire loaf also. It looks like their back yard is green and white checkerboard grass with that bread laid out all over it.

Well..can the birds eat that bread?????? NONONONONONONONONONO!!!! They try to but end up flying to my birdbath, filled with cool, clear water with the bread in their beaks. They drop the bread in my bird bath trying to get it soft enough to eat. The end result, Spalding walk/run has a nasty bread and water filled birdbath that I have to clean everyday. They do eventually stop but I have at least a week of dealing with this every month during the spring and summer. I just want to take the entire soupy mess and empty on their patio sometimes. One can wish, can't they?

Spalding walk/run has never been close enough to them to discern their shoes but it is more than apparent that they are shoes from a lower tier. Maybe some broken down, weathered, worn sole Brogans ! Some shoes are just slow to get out of the shoe box. Their tissue paper was stuffed just a litte too hard in the toe!

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