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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What do I hear? Stumpling and bumbling around as I sit here in the dark. I heard the alarm go off earlier but I heard no movement--hence the stumbling and bumbling now. It's me today--the red headed step child of the shoe closet. I only come out on days like this--when time is short. My name is Simple and I am a roan shoe with a rubber heel that is about 1.5 inches high. I look like a school girl shoe with toe all closed in and one strap that goes from side to side with a silver buckle.

Yep....just call me stumble and bumble attire. I go on with the roan colored pants and the company shirt and off to work I go. You can say that whatever can get thrown on the body quickest is what I go with. Sometimes things do not even match colorwise. I thought black was the universal color. Not roan. Today I did not even get the comfort of a sock....just bare skin and foot powder.

My birthing fee was small. Just $2.00 at Marshall's. I was hidden on the sale rack just radiating usefullness in a pinch. Thank god I was chosen to have a home. I was like so many foster children --the last to be chosen. I have a purpose now, one that I am most proud now. I know tonight I will be taken off and will be thrown all willy nilly into the back of the closet to wait until another morning when I hear the alarm clock and no movement. I will then listen closely for the panicked, stumbling and bumbling of what to wear and where is the underwear? I will come out of the darkness and into the light once more.

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