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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Life Cycle of a Shoe


The life cycle of the shoe is arguably one of the most bizarre and impressive examples of man at work on the planet - one could be forgiven for believing that all shoes are the same but many are entirely separate species. They have very dissimilar features but they do shod all of humanity, who calls from all walks of life.

The Birth Stage

Shoes are born in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes under scrutiny of "Inspector 12" who always seems to be in China. Do all shoes come from China? Some have designer names and others are from the lower, less expensive end of the gene pool. They all come in a box and wait patiently for their parents to arrive with money at their favorite retail store. They emerge from their box all shiny and new waiting to be held and inspected for the very first time. Then they may be tried on the first time and walked in, on the carpet to assure a good fit in their new home.

The Adolescence, Teen and Adult Years

These years are swift and fleeting and they are prone to premature aging due to weather exposure and poor maintenance. Very much like human faces that need potions, lotions and alpha hydroxy's to maintain youth, so does the shoe. Saddle soaps, leather conditioners, polish and buffers are needed routinely to maintain a youthful appearance. Spare no expense to maintain your shoes. Gone are the days of using vaseline to shine up a shoe. Break out the Kiwi shoe supplies. Adulthood is usually reached with 2 years with good upkeep.

Old Age

Your feet will know it has arrived before you do. Your beloved shoe may no longer be as comfortable, heels may be worn down, arch support is gone and no matter how much you polish the scuff marks will not go away. They have served you will and you hate to put them down. Off they usually go to Good Will with the hope that someone less fortunate may be able to get a little more life out of them.

The life cycle begins again. It is time to get a new baby shoe, fresh from the box and waiting to be broken in.

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