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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Ignorant Stupid Shoes!

Today I, Disney tennis shoes wanted to have a beef and cheddar after a long day at work. I was unable to make my toes work the stove tonight. Boy-- my tongue was flapping for that beef and cheddar. My soles were working the car pedals as best they could to get me to the drivein window. Ordered my sandwich and got home. Was my sandwich right!?! Hell NO!!!! Normally I would just eat what I got but not tonight! I was not having it. I tapped my mickey's on the floor and decided to go back.

I was served by Ignorant Stupid Shoes!. I got out of the car and marched my Mickey's inside. A different girl assisted me and apologized 3 times for the error. The Ignorant Stupid Shoes! who assisted me just looked at me and made no attempt to apologize or say anything. Can we say no work ethic? Can we say no people skills?

I know that these may be young people with first jobs but some just do not care. Can we say wake up and smell the coffee? How you tiptoe or plod along in your first job will be the same way you plod and tip toe in your last. Keep on stomping around in Ignorant Stupid Shoes. You just might tip those shoes into a big pile of doodoo!

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