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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Jangled Nerves!

That is what I have had all day.. Me--a black pair of high heeled, pointy toes mules with a silver buckle..I am rather stylish today and believe it or not I came from Targæt . Meetings all afternoon and people calling all morning. It did not help that I was tired from staying up late last night. But I made it. I click clacked around all day. My make is George. I am pretty well worn and got lots of compliments in my hayday. I look like the ones made by Anne Klein I spied in Marshalls last year.

I have the feeling when I finally get home, I will be kicked off in favor of bare toes on carpet. Tonight will be a busy one for the and the best of all....Survivor. One more show before the season finale on Sunday. I only hope that Rob or Amber go. I really dislike Boston Rob.

Boston is a wonderful place. Rob is the pimple that needs to be busted right off of Boston's Butt--roast that is! :)

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