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Monday, May 24, 2004

Meronas, that is what I am today. A pair of very pointy toed, beige, high-heeled, backless slings. I am about 2 years old and have been worn with lots of things. This had been the first time worn since last summer. I was slightly embarrassed today. I rushed around getting ready for work and did not put lotion on those heels. I finally noticed how dry I looked at lunch time. Nothing a little lotion would not take care of.

Last weekend I wound up at Parisian at the Mac counter and found a wonderful product called Lustreglass. The big color for this spring and summer is the Spring Bean. It looks green but goes on clear, glittery and sparkles like glass. Your lips enter the room before your shoes do, but that is okay. It is to die for! It's the green one below.

I walked for 1.5 miles on yesterday. Got to get some practice in before the trip to Walt Disney World. My shoes did well. I was not tired at all. Avia Fôm 180 did a great job. I have bounce in my step and a stride that does not stop.

Tinker! That's Me! My favorite Disney character!
Anybody hear that Estee Lauder and Sean Puffy Combs are working on a fragrance deal? Say it ain't so. Estee lauder is taking a turn to the younger generation. I was surprised. Full story here.

Work was insane today. While I am shoeless this very moment, I barely left my desk all day. I even brought work home to do but just could not make myself link tonight to the Matrix mainframe. Work is always there and will there on tomorrow. I will be plugged in all day tomorrow.

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