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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Pooh leather tennis shoes! That's me today. I always get good compliments whenever I step out of the closet. I have a bright shiny zipper with up the front. Today I had lots of nuts on the phone. Pooh wanted to crack those nuts! They were most irritating! These shoes wanted to begin stomping the nuts when someone told me that the car accident caused an ear infection requiring antibiotics and they expected me to pay for that. The claim karma was in rare form today.

It made me "re-feng shui" my pod. I am already into feng shui and have been into it for years. What is it?

Feng Shui
Feng Shui, translated from the Chinese, means Wind Water. It is a system of philosophy, science and art that has been used for thousands of years as a method of connecting people with Heaven and Earth—seeking a balance between opposites in all aspects of our environments.

Almost every culture of the world reflects some awareness of the power of placement in its wisdom teachings. It is this ancient legacy that Feng Shui practitioners seek to enliven, embrace, uphold and share.

At the deepest level of understanding, Feng Shui is the interplay between the seen (our surroundings) and the unseen (energy and intention). Feng Shui acknowledges the interconnectedness of all creation.
If things get really bad I take out my positive enegry chime and gong it. Okay, don't laugh! Yes it is kind of wierd but it works. I feng shui'ed my pod today and cleared it of as much clutter as I could. I have done the same at home but it has been awhile. I probably need to do it again. I will have to break out the bagua the next time I am on vacation. What is the bagua?? It is the feng shui map that maps out the guides to use to change the chi in your home. It really works! Here is an example of the bagua.

I have read and purchased some good books on feng shui. Here are a few that I have read in the past and recommend. There are many books out there on subject. Did you know that in my city we have a feng shui club that meets monthly at the library?? Feng shui is a serious thing where I live and many business places have followed the feng shui lead as well.
Check out these books! I wish you positive chi!

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