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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Spalding walk/run hereand what an enlightening weekend it has been. I spent the weekend standing all day for both days working the check in register at an island resort. Even Spalding walk/run has to work 2 jobs from time to time. I was surrounded by a sea of white sneakers of all sorts. We all have to be white to work the weekends. I felt like a clone. You could not tell my uniqueness from any other white sneaker I was near.

I did find out a bit of gossip. I do not know quite what to think. Just found out that a work aquaintance- a pair of ladies pumps is friend's with a pair of wingtips. She allows wingtips to use her home to see other ladies pumps, sandals, slingbacks and boots. Wingtips just has to leave the closet as he found it. Wingtips is forever bound to another set of wedding pumps. What is she thinking??? Why would she let wingtips use her closet for random shoe bootycalls? What kind of friend is she really? She dirties the name of a good shoe. I think she is the lowest kind of sole there is. I do not think I have ever heard of a ladies pair of pumps actually helping a pair of wingtips to cheat on his weding pumps.

Just scandalous!

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