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Sunday, May 02, 2004



One other bit of gossip--well this is the truth- as I suspected it myself for quite several years--I discovered that it was true that one of the pair of secretary shoes was spreading her laces for all the wingtips in the office. The wingtips were not trying both shoes, instead she was giving the wingtips who were interested spit and shine jobs. She was shining them up --reeeeal good. She was discovered by another pair of secretary shoes. She came back from lunch reeking of toesex jam and the other pair of secretary shoes told her she smelled of toesex jam and needed to go to the store and buy some mouthwash and got a wash for her shoe "bottoms" as well. We deal with the public and her condition after lunch was not acceptable. Well trampshoes got mad because she was told that she smelled like toejam sex! Those two pair of secretary shoes have been feuding ever since, stomping and stepping all over each others toes. Doesn't trampshoes realize that most of the shoes in the office have eyes and have long know or suspected her of giving spit and shine jobs?

Wake up and smell your own toesex jam!!!!

What do you think? Was it wrong to tell trampshoes she smelled of toesex jam? Was it right of trampshoes to get mad instead of running in shame to the bathroom to attend to herself? Let me know what you think.

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