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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Summer Shoes Require Summer Feet!

The hot weather is here and shoe styles will change drastically. I know mine will. Out will come the summer shoe collection--strapless shoes, sandals and assorted dress and casual mules. Feet and toes need to be ready for summer shoes. Toes have to be pretty and the feet in general need to be pampered and maintained.

In years past I have had a bout or 2 with athlete's foot and I thought I would never get rid of it. This was during my years of going to the gym. I was the aerobic queen in my spandex and matching workout shoes, socks and leg warmers. Jane Fonda was my idol and all the rage in working out! I lived at the gym and I think that was how I got it. All those workouts and sweaty socks and shoes created a fungus heaven in which to grow. I also used the pool and the sauna a lot as well. My feet were around a fungus explosion waiting to happen and it did! KABOOOOOM! Athlete's foot.

Who gets it?

Seems kind of random to me. I do believe that is the case. I do not think any one sort of person will get it over the next but it is picked up in wet public places like gyms, locker rooms and pools. When your mother tells you to wear shower shoes to the gym do it. It is for your own good. (I wished I had listened to that bit of advice.) Change your socks and shoes often. Have several pairs of workout shoes and rotate them to allow them to dry out before wearing again. Use Lysol spray in your shoes as well. Use anti fungal foot powders as well. I love the one I have by Dr. Scholls.

How to stop it?

Well, of course there are the traditional creams and ointments but you must use as directed or it will come right back. Use for the weeks recommended on the package. If you have a really bad case to see your doctor. Other things I have heard about and have tried include garlic paste which you can make yourself and smear between your toes and tea tree oil. If you use tea tree oil be sure you have 100% pure oil. I have found it in pure form at GNC at my local mall. If you buy it at Bath and Body Works it is mixed with safflower oil. It does not work as well if you buy a mixed tea tree oil. One other thing I have heard of that cures athlete's foot is turpentine. I have seen it used and it works. I do not recommend this but it is supposed to be some old, old home remedy.

How do you know if you have it?
Do you toes itch? Are you feet hot and burning? Skin damp, soft, peeling or smelling really, really bad? Do you notice small blisters on your feet? Then most likely you have it. You may want to be checked by your doctor to be sure but that itching sounds like classic athlete's foot fungus. Bummer! It is a bummer but it does not have to ruin your shoes' summer! Treat it quickly and your feet and shoes will thank you! I know my shoes are in for a great summer! How about yours??

For info about athlete's foot problems here are just a few good books to check out. There are numerous books out there but here are a couple I have browsed.

By all means avoid this:

This does not make for a pair of happy shoes!
Happy Shoes! Happy Shoes! We all need happy shoes!

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