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Saturday, May 22, 2004

While my shoes are not itchy my body is. I have either broken out in hives or am having an allergic reaction to something. I am not sure what. Nothing has changed as far soaps. I use Bath and Body Works products for everything so that can't be it. But who knows things can just happen. I have always been sensitive to laundry detergents. Maybe the one I am using has just turned on me? I am using Gain right now and it seems okay. I recently washed some white clothes (underwear) in Clorox and broke out in a rash from it. It was most uncomfortable. The bad thing is I love Clorox. It does a great job.

I have just sent a friend, Mr. Nike out to get me a big bottle, jar, what ever of benadryl. Hopefully that will stop the itching. The only thing I have done differently is spray Pleasures by Estee Lauder on my legs. The itching started there. I do not know if that is it as it has spread. Seems if that were it I would have a rash in just the areas the perfume touched.

Mr. Nike has just stopped in out of the blue. I hate unannounced guests when I am not feeling well. Do you? Does anyone? And his shoes came wanting me to make pancakes! IHOP is just down the interstate! Me with a migraine and itchy all over. Well at first I said no but then I remembered I had my Mickey Pancake Maker and all I had to do was pour in the mix and put the top on, wait 2 minutes and I would have perfect Mickey pancakes. So Mr. Nike got pancakes and I made him go out for benadryl. Yep--one shoe does wash the other. Hopefully I will have some relief soon.

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