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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wow! It has been a few days. These shoes have been having all sorts of computer problems. I do not know if it is the computer which is 3 months old--new-- or the connection to AOL. It seems to be okay tonight. This past weekend was very busy. My right foot has a part time job standing working at the front desk of a resort hotel. can't have the right foot without the left so both are forced to stand for 8 hours on the weekends 2 weekends a month. They normally are Spalding walk/run o those weekends but spalding walk/runs are worn out. They have no support for 8 hours of standing. The pain! The pain! They will have to be replaced.

As we stood at the desk, tongues strung up tight we heard tap tap tapping on the computer. Will we ever be able to get away from working at a computer??? Seeds like we are forever trapped behind a computer screen. The people who were checkign in had all sorts of problems! Issues! Complaints! I was sick of them all by midday. Some were just plain old petty! Like what? Like: why do the rooms have vcr's instead of dvd players? why are there not any bins for dirty towels at the pools? Can I have a marshview room? I must have a room by the pool....I requested it a year ago.

Please people. It is a request..not a guarantee! I was stamping my foot at that one. I am a decent pair of shoes but I wanted to kick someone in the shins by midday! Kick em hard! Very hard!

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