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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Walt Disney World: Day Three--The Animal Kingdom

Mom stayed in the hotel today. She was done in by the heat and the walking on Day 2. First stop was the Tree of Life and the show It's Tough to be a Bug.

There were a lot of new things to do. We road the Primeval Whirl about 6 times. We road Dinosaur, the Kali River Rapids, the Kilimanjaro Safari and of course we pin traded.

And what day at the Animal Kingdom would not be complete without one of those giant turkey legs. We had those and a soda for lunch. The Animal Kingdom closes at 6 because the animals need to be cared for so we were off to the hotel to go to the pool again after dinner. The rain began while we were at dinner at the hotel and we did not have our rain ponchos with us so we had to walk the mile back to the room in the rain.

What Lion King Character are you? I took the quiz below and I am young simba.

Which Lion King Character Are You?

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