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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Walt Disney World: Day Two

The Magic Kingdom!

We spent the whole day there hitting the favorites more than once and trying some new things. My mother who is in her 60's went with us. She was barely able to make it. For most of the day she spent it sitting in restaurants keeping out of the sun or trying to rest up from so much walking. It was not a good combination. She invited herself. After the last trip there 2 years ago and she had the same situation she decided she would not go to any amusement parks anymore.

I knew it would not be a pretty site but what can you do? What would you do if your mother invited herself on your vacation? Say no? Most likely not, so you go with the flow. We left her with the walkie talkies--which she never answered when I called her--and off my child, nephew and I went.

We road the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We road the Carousel, saw Philharmagic, rode the Carousel of Progress and pin traded. There were other things we did but those are the main ones. Philharmagic was great! It is the new 3-d show.

One dissappointing thing was that It's A Small World was being refurbished. That is a ride I have to go on each time I go. It will not be ready for quite some time.

We left before the parade to get back to the resort in time to go to dinner and go swimming. We stayed at the pool until 11:45pm.

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