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Friday, July 30, 2004

Birthday Greetings From Howard Stern

Howard Stern Bulletin Board Mailer 
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 Jul 29 (1 day ago)
Hello Tinker
We at Howard Stern Bulletin Board would
 like to wish you a happy birthday today!
I was sorting thru email last night when I came across an email from Howard wishing me a happy birthday.  I know that Howard sent me that email himself!  :) Not!  But all the same,  of all the sites to send an email out on your birthday I would not expect it to be Howards!  That was a nice surprise.

Howard is going to be taking a break from his bulletin boards for a while due to all the negative stuff people are writing about him.  That is to be expected--the negative but the true fans like me, would love to have him on there on a regular basis.  He had been on alot up  till now.    I was not on last weekend but I heard he was on last weekend taking to fans. 

The last time I was on was when Stephen Baldwin was on the show last week with all of his bible toting ways that he has aquired as of late.  He later went on the bulletin board and was torn to shreds all because he has found the Lord.      

The Bulletin Board was all clogged up last night. Both Howard and Gary complained that everything was running really slow. Howard says he's having a big meeting with the computer guys soon. Everyone seems to want the White Rapper off the Bulletin Board, but Howard isn't sure about that. The Rapper called in and started blasting Scott DePace and Joey Boots. Apparently, a major part of the Bulletin Board is just the whack packers fighting. Like whenever Chaunce goes on, no matter what he writes, everyone just starts calling him gay...more!

Howard is the man!  The King of all Media.  He still says he will not be on the air by the election?


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