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Friday, July 30, 2004

Vacation Week Update

Well is is friday.  Almost the end of my 2 week vacation.  No work shoes!  Monday was a totally shoeless day.  I spent it at the beach with a friend.  No dirty Fila in tow.  dirty Fila stayed at my parents house for the day.  I only left my chair twice to go into the water.  I spend the whole day gazing at the ocean, sleeping, eating, reading and listening to the surf.    I did not a close encounter with a crab.  Not like this lobster though!   I was sound asleep and heard a commotion behind my beach chair.  It was an elderly couple saying, " there it is! Under the chair."  It was my chair.  A rockcrab seeking refuge from the sun or the little boy with the bucket that was chasing him. 

I got up, moved my chair and there was the crab, claws in the air in attach position.  The boy caught it with his sand bucket.  I told him to take it to the ocean, he took it back to his parents unbrella.  Hopefully he did let it go.  Dang the interruption!    They disturbed my nap and of course I did nto go back to sleep after that.

Tuesday was a lazy day.  I guess the sun did me in  on Monday. I slept most of the day.  Wednesday was also a lazy day.  I did alot of shopping and window shopping.  Wednesday evening I attended a dinner and dance at a reunion on my mothers side of the family.  Good food but I got indigesion.  I am still suffering from it.  I was Zoe...clear highheeled sandals with rhinestones and gold on the front. 

Yesterday morning was devoted to gardening.  I was Avia.   I made dirt Fila weed most of the garden.  She thought it was all fun.  She and I had a great dinner.  I wanted seafood for my birthday so we had a great mean of crabcakes, new potatoes, coleslaw and corn.  Cake and icecream was at my parents after.    I got nice gifts also.  dirty Fila painted a watercolor for me.  It is beautiful.  I will get it framed.  My parents got me clothes.  I did a quick change into the Sketchers sandals.

Today I want to do some more shopping and today some cleaning!  I may well be black rhinestone flip flops all day.  I just got them from Target!  Cute!      

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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