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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


The shoe that fits one
person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living
that suits all cases.
~~Carl Gustav Jung~~


I have known or encountered two women named Holly in my lifetime and they all happen to be blonde and all happen to be stupid. It makes me think that all girls born and then given the name of "Holly" is a child that is doomed by her parents to be blonde and stupid. If there is not a stupid Holly out there where are you hiding???

Let me tell you about my two Holly's. The first Holly I met about 6 years ago at a part time job I used to have. This Holly was the first encounter I have ever had with a
Holly. She came to work later after nights of partying. She came to work reeking of alcohol after nights of partying. Every breathe she took in and then out would leave a cloud of alcohol in front and behind her. It would make me sick after awhile to smell that for 6-8 hours when I had to work with her. At times she was so hung over she had to just sit in a chair for 8 hours and I would cover her shifts. And she was a weekend manager! And stupid does not even begin to say just how lacking in basic knowledge she was. We worked in customer service and had to deal with customers. Customers would try to explain a situation to her to get her to resolve it and she could not understand what they were saying and whatever she was saying to them was soooooo off the wall the customer would leave even more unhappy. She was so confusing she confused the customers. She was always interrupting and jumping into others conversations with customers without knowing what was going on that she would embarrass herself. Customers would just look at her crazily until she left. They would ask me if she was always so rude. What could I say except yes....and apologize for her behavior. How she got to be a manager noone could understand. Finally when we did ask the main manager why? What was she thinking? Holly? She would say that she was hoping to mold her so that she would fit the job. The bad thing is that she was not moldable. Noone that stupid was moldable. In addition she was always whistling and singing rap songs by Missy Elliott at work. That singing drove everyone crazy. When she left we all breated a sign of relief.

The 2nd Holly I know now and have dealings with now. She is a bubbly, laughing idiot. She has no home training. I have a part time customer service job one weekend a month and have to work with her then. That job is her full time job. Lucky them! Last saturday morning I arrived at work at 7am. We were working just one desk apart. She spent the morning belching as loudly as she could with no apology or "excuse me" at all. On one of her particularly loud belches I did raise an eyebrow at her and she just said she was glad she could get it out. She did not sleep well the night before due to her indigestion. She was gross and nasty with all that belching. What is she? The weekend assistant manager of course! She is blonde and only acts like she is working when the BIG boss is around. Then she gets up and tries to tell people what do to then so that she can look important. Other than that she is in her email all day emailing friends and laughing just as loud as she can at those emails. CRAZY!!!! She is not going anywhere anytime soon so I am stuck with her on those weekends I have to work. On saturday she kept doing things wrong and when she did she would mutter to herself that she was an idiot today and that her day must be off. (Lightbulb over the head!!!) Your name is Holly and eveyday is an off day! Everyday is an idiot day!

I know that there has to be some smart, intelligent, lady like Holly's in the world. Maybe I have not met them yet. I think they are few and far between. I saw BB5 on tv and guess what? There is a stupid Holly on the show who has a mannequin in her home and she treats it as if it is alive!

Deliver me from the madness that is Holly!

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