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Monday, July 12, 2004

Weekend Ramblings

The shoe that fits one
person pinches another;
there is no recipe for living
that suits all cases.
~~Carl Gustav Jung~~

The entire weekend I was Spaulding Walk/Run. You remember me--the white ones that have very little support left that were to be thrown out about 6 months ago. I have yet to be replaced. I did very little to support my feet this weekend and the end result was sore feet and ankles after 8 hours of standind on saturday and sunday. This was my one weekend a month work at the hotel working part time at the front desk in reservations. All the weekend shoes I met were all the same--white--we all have to wear the same thing. I was glad that Jwhite sneakers was working with me. He is about my age and is very funny. Everything he thinks just comes out. We might be just about the oldest there as most of the other white sneakers are all 20 something interns...some are teen something interns. Maybe jwhite sneakers and I are getting old but it sure seems like the intern white sneakers are most annoying with all that talk of drinking, partying, staying out till 3am and sex parties. Sex parties...that was the most shocking thing to hear from a 16 year old intern. That apparently is the rage! I was scared of that!

Some of the management male white sneakers are gay. Nothing wrong with that but the high pitched voice is just a little irritating after 2 hours of hearing it. Other than that good manager! Wish I had a manager like that at my "real" job mon-fri as far as management style. Saturday these Spaulding walk/runs got off at 5:30 pm and after changing shoes transformed into Sketcher Flip flops and flopped right on down to the Longhorn Steakhouse for a take out dinner of prime rib. I ordered and sat at the bar to wait. I decided that after that day which did have a few harrowing guest issue momemts I needed to have a Killian Red. Killian is one of my favorite beers.

I bought one beer and had some peanuts and waited on my prime rib. A group of women about 6 came in and stood right behind me..also placing take out orders. My order went in before theirs but in the end it made little difference. I waited and waited. the women waited and waited. I finished my beer. I waited some more. I ate more peanuts. The bartender all of a sudden appreard in front of me and said we are buying you a beer and slid another Killians my way. Oh lord--what had happened to my order? I had a feeling that somehow my order was placed after the 6 women or got mixed up with their order. Free beer--who can pass that up. I waited some more. As it turned out the 6 women were part of some religious group who were all wearing light green and on the way to some sort of relilgious meeting and of course what do most fanatical, religious groups do???
Try to save sinners and testify and witness to others. I was a sitting duck with my beer and being a woman alone in a bar.

One of the 6 began to talk to me about their religion and me not being the one to be rude just listened and commented when I could. When was my damned food coming!? I had to get out of there! I decided to continue to drink my beer and made extra effort in pouring it as the woman in green spoke to me. Finally their food came and they were out of there and I had some peace. The woman in green could not find a pen and paper to write her name and number down for me or give me the name of an affiliate church in my area. Yes there is a God...but not hers. Why do people not keep religion to themselves? I believe religion is a private personal choice not to be witnessed about in bars. The nerve of her ruining my perfectly good drinking atmosphere. I was trying to get my drink on!

After finally getting my food, I went back home and ate. Damn that prime rib was good! It melted in my mouth! It should--it cost $14.00.

After that naked sleeping. I love to sleep naked. Clothes are so restrictive at night. It was a rather warm day and I was warm from that as well as the beer. In the winter I do sleep in pajamas because it is so cold but in clothes.

What do you sleep in? Pajamas or no pajamas??? Inquiring minds want to know. Let me know. Leave a comment or email me.

These feet are off to bed--shoeless and naked!

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