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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Howard Stern's Bulletin Board

It had been several weeks since my lat post about not being able to get onto Howard's bulletin board due to the numebr of people on it.  Tonight aorund midnight I was able to get on, register and begin posting.  Sweet!  I am member number 54,738.  That is impressive!
HOT TOPIC! Bulletin Board Update.The Bulletin Board is active with thousand of new members registering each day. For the time being, we will be registering new members after 10pm. Because of the overwhelming traffic, we need to limit the registration time period so that the members who are on the board can post with minimal technical difficulties. Thank you all for your patience. Everyone has been working real hard here to expand the board to allow more users in. We will be upgrading the system in the coming weeks so that the ever growing Howard Stern Show community can interact in with each other 24/7. Keep on checking back for updates.
More here. 

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
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1 Broken Heels:

no milk said...

i haven't listened to howard in a while, i don't drive to work as much anymore these days, i just take public transportation, in which, sleep is more desireable. i still stalk KC's fan webpages though...