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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Toe Tapping Headline News

News from the White House.  I get a weekly newsletter from the White House.  Anyone can sign up for it.  Here are some of the latest headlines.
 President Bush Discusses Progress in the War on Terror
......I've just had a close look at some of the dangerous equipment secured in this place. Eight months ago, the centrifuge parts and processing equipment for uranium were 5,000 miles away in the nation of Libya. They were part of a secret nuclear weapons program. Today, Libya, America and the world are better off because these components are safely in your care.
These materials are the sobering evidence of a great danger. Certain regimes, often with ties to terrorist groups, seek the ultimate weapons as a shortcut to influence. These materials, voluntarily turned over by the Libyan government, are also encouraging evidence that nations can abandon those ambitions and choose a better way. ....Full Story
President Announces Initiatives to Combat Human Trafficking
President Bush visited Tampa, Florida on Friday to address the first national conference on Human Trafficking in the United States: Rescuing Women and Children from Slavery. The President continues to advance the fight against trafficking in persons, which is a modern day form of slavery. Human trafficking is a serious problem in the United States and throughout the world. Each year an estimated 600,000-800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked against their will across international borders. "Human life is the gift of our Creator -- and it should never be for sale.... Traffickers tear families apart.  Full Story.
President Bush Signs Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act
President Bush on Thursday signed the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act which provides enhanced penalties for people convicted of stealing identities to commit terrorist acts, immigration violations, firearms offenses and other serious crimes. In his remarks, the President said, "The crime of identity theft undermines the basic trust on which our economy depends. Identity theft harms not only its direct victims, but also many businesses and customers whose confidence is shaken. Full Story
Iraq: Philippines to Withdraw Troops Early
The Philippines said Friday it was pulling out 11 members of its Iraq peacekeeping mission, the start of a full withdrawal aimed at saving the life of a captive Filipino truck driver Angelo dela Cruz, news wires report. The government's decision to meet the demands of the kidnappers who threatened to kill the hostage has been severely criticized from Australia and the United States.
Full Story
Whoopi Goldberg Fired
Weight loss product manufacturer Slim-Fast announced Wednesday it had dropped Whoopi Goldberg as its spokeswoman, following a controversy over sexually explicit comments she made last week at a fund-raiser in New York for presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry.

Headless Body Found
A headless body in an orange jumpsuit has been found in the Tigris River in Baghdad, the US military has saidMore 
I'm like Mandela: Martha Stewart
NEW YORK — First, Martha Stewart declared she is used to hard work and is not afraid of prison.  Later, in an interview with ABC News, the homemaking expert repeated that she would be able to handle it and compared her plight to that of anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela.
"I could do it," she said, according to excerpts released by ABC late Friday. "I'm a really good camper. I can sleep on the ground. There are many, many good people who have gone to prison. Look at Nelson Mandela."  More

Shock-jock Howard Stern may play huge role in election
PHILADELPHIA - (KRT) - To the naked ear, Howard Stern is still our regent of raunch. Lately, he has groused to his loyal listeners about the zit on his nose and the cellulite on his butt, dished about his morning trysts with his model-girlfriend, and opined on the watchability of DVD porn.
But Stern has also ushered in the era of shock-jock politics, so when he split for a long vacation at the start of July, he minced no words:
"I'm not only anti-Bush, I support John Kerry. ... He's going to be the guy who gets us back on track. ... Our audience is really making a difference in this upcoming election. ... It turns out everyone listens to us, especially a lot of dudes who are swing voters." More

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