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Saturday, July 17, 2004

My Garden Over Runneth!

I have not been out to the garden in about 3 weeks and now my garden has taken over!  The biggest thing is the trumpeter honeysuckle vines.  They have yet to bloom but they are growing like weeds.  I am going to have to go out there and begin cutting it back.  My peony is still going well but my delphinium has died and that was an expensive plant.  I will try again with that one.  
The slugs are taking over.  Salt does the trick but they seem to be forever there.  I cannot get rid of them all together.  You would think the birds would eat a few but they do not.    I have some lillies that are 7 feet tall.  They are doing well.  My butterfly bush has come back to life.  Wow! What a little water can go.  Everything else is doing well....the impatients, marigolds, parsley, catnip and all the others.  No more salvia next year.  Salvia is ok but just not very exciting.  I might have to go out this afternoon and start.  I have also noticed that the weeds have gotten into one section of the garden.  
I am almost out of bird food.  Seems like the more you put out the more they eat.  In a week the feeder can be totally drained of seed.   I have a new chime that I have to put out.   A frog with tinkling chimes.  It will be number 3.  You cannot have enough garden chimes.  The more chimes the more loved the garden.  The neighbors--those lowly clogs that they are have actually complained when the wind was blowing or we had a storm about my chimes.  Get a life people.  The chimes are not coming down.      

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