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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Toe Tapping Headline News

BlogMedia Selects All Headline News to Provide Instant News Headlines for
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Wellington, FL (PRWEB) July 23, 2004 -- Blogmedia has launched a new sports blog hosting service and has selected All Headline News to provide breaking sports news and headlines."Blogmedia needed instant, relevant content for our new sports site," Stated Austin Chase, President of Blogmedia. "All Headline News provides us with live, real-time sports news and headlines for our official blog. Our blog readers love it. Traffic to has increased exponentially. All Headline News is definitely our MVP." more

Laura Bush to headline Burr fundraiser in Wilmington
WILMINGTON, N.C. - With the Democratic National Convention over, President Bush starts a bus tour of Rust Belt states and First lady Laura Bush visits North Carolina on Friday to help the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. more

Sudan Steps Back From Resolution Rejection
KHARTOUM, Sudan July 31, 2004 — Sudan stepped back Saturday from rejecting a U.N. Security Council resolution demanding it disarm Arab militias responsible for atrocities in Darfur, as France deployed troops and aid along Chad's border with Sudan to help hundreds of thousands of Darfur refugees. more

Boy Hurt at Neverland Ranch
A teenage boy riding an all-terrain vehicle at pop star Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch reportedly got injured after the vehicle flipped, reports Rate the
The 15-year-old was lifted out of the ranch by a helicopter and taken by ambulance to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where he was listed completely out of danger.
Details whether Jackson was at the ranch when accident took place or not were not immediately available. (ANI)

Microsoft IE Patch Now Available
Microsoft has released their latest security patch to fix the three critical holes in the popular browser Internet Explorer. The patch will fix the “gaping hole” that was exploited earlier this Summer that allowed hackers to download malicious code onto unwitting computer user's machines and take control of the computer. more

Moore enjoying Disney bosses' 'comeuppance'
Director Michael Moore is laughing in the face of Disney bosses, after his controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11 went on to reap more cash then any of the company's movies this year.The film, which takes a scathing look at US President George W Bush and the war on Iraq, recently became the first ever documentary to cross the $100m (€83m) mark. more

Iran Resumes Building Nuclear Centrifuges
Iran says it has resumed building centrifuges that can be used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons. But Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said Saturday, that Iran is still committed to the suspension of uranium enrichment. more

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