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Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Mexican Al-Qaeda Connection

My male friend "Mr. Nike" came over on last night and was like a stark raving lunatic about Mexicans. His first queston after he sat down on the sofa was "do you have alot of expereince with Mexicans?" I told him yes via interpreter as with my full time job I do have to speak with a lot of Hispanic people. That was all he needed to hear. He began to rant that now he hated all Mexicans and that they should not be allowed to come into the country and that they should now be deported. I looked at him like he was crazy and I asked him if he was crazy!!! I told him that was crazy--what he was saying--and why was he so mad???

He said he had just heard on a talk radio show that Mexicans were being recruited to be Al-Qaeda and that on the show he also heard that wherever there were pockets of Mexicans in this country, there were cells of Al-Qaeda within that pocket of Mexicans. I told him I had not heard this before. I had heard that Al-Qaeda was entering our country thru Mexico but not that Mexicans were Al-Qaeda. There was no stopping him now. He went on about how sleeping cells of Mexican Al-Qaeda were in place to blow up soft targets like schools and malls because so many legal and illegal Mexicans were in this country--America. (I am in the states now visiting my parents)

He then asked about Mexicans in the neighborhood. Of course there are a few. He went on about the Constitution of the US and abolishing Mexicans in a rant for over an hour. Finally, I just had to pick up a LL Bean catalog and begin to look thru it and comment on fall clothes before he would stop--or realized ever so slightly that I was not going to talk about Mexicans anymore or agree with his Mexican bashing. He even had a copy of the Constitution with him in his briefcase. I told him he was over the top and asked why he was carrying around a copy of the Constitution in his briefcase. I called him a royal geek! When LL Bean did not work, I then picked up the Pottery Barn catalogs. I went thru both of them. The rant continued.

He asked me if I wanted to read the Constitution with him, the part about only american citizens having the right to vote. He had also heard that somewhere?? California?? that there is a law or movement to give non citizens/aliens the right to vote here and in Mexico. I asked him if he was sure that all the people he heard on whatever show he listened to before he came to see me were not quacks. He assured me they were not. He said I was ill informed and needed to listen to the radio more. I told him I listened to NPR all the time. NPR is the only radio station I listen to. He said NRP was not good and that I needed to listen to talk radio more. For the most part talk radio is on the AM waves. He then proceeded at 10pm to turn on another radio talk show and demanded that we both listen to it. I looked at my LL Bean catalog again. For an hour more! Mr. Nike ranted and talked to the radio about liberals, Mexicans, democrats and the Constitution.

There was nothing I could do that would change the subject or lighten the mood. Mr. Nike is very politically in the know with very strong views. I did not fall victim to his baiting. I refused to fall victim to his baiting. I placed my faith in the LL Bean catalog.

Boy what a lovely evening that was. The sofa had a visitor all night--Mr. Nike. I hope he and his copy of the Constitution were comfortable.

Today I went looking for the Mexican Al-Qaeda connection. This is what I found:
Terrorists try to enter US via Mexican border
Middle Eastern Men Infiltrating Southern borders using fake Mexican surnames
Hate Club

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~