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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Duck Shoes

Duck Shoes! Posted by Hello
I wore duck shoes to work today and what a scandal it was! It was a blustery day with heavy rain and lots of wind this morning. I had on proper shoes for the day. I love my duck shoes. Normally in the course of the year, Iwear them about 3 times so on those days I refuse to change into other shoes. I wear them for the day. They are the MOST confortable shoes I own. They are very much like those above, same height but mine are insulated with thinsulate fur. Soft and warm and cushy! I love 'em!
Well. I work in an office where nice dress is the norm. It is just that I today wore my duck shoes with capri pants. Yes, there was about 2 inches of skin showing between shoes and pants but they are capris. All day was all about my duck shoes. It is the normal reacton I get. Today was the first time I wore them with capri pants. In the past I have worn them with long pants and skirts. Skirts cause the same reaction as the capris....."where are the shoes you are going to change into now that you are in the office?" is what I hear.
"What other shoes?" is my reply. I am wearing these shoes for the day! And of course who should mention it the most? My assistant, Classic Court. of course......remember the sardine wars??? Is not merry old England a rainy place? Aren't there bogs and moors there? And lighting fires with peat moss?? Surely Classic Court would know all about duck shoes. Maybe she was just teasing me today. Not to worry because my duck shoes and I will not part.
Quack! Quack!

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