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Saturday, October 30, 2004

2004 Internet Haunted House!!!

It's back. I found this site about 2 years ago and they run an amazing internet haunted house. Last year they did not do it and I was so disappointed. I was just checking this year to see if they had it up and they do. It is great.

The site is McCullochs Haunted House. Please go there and enter if you dare. From the past years that I have done it, you enter and there are lots of doors to go in. There are gems and things you collect along the way. The house is multi leveled and you have to go in the attic, the rooms, the basement, the yard, the tunnels under the house, the cemetary on the grounds and much more. Each time you make the wrong choice you die and get sent to the graveyard.

Like the living dead, you get right back up and go right back in...of course remembering not to do what you just did again. It is addictive and it is a lot of fun. I plan to go in later tonight when I have more time. Please check it out. It is great! My nephew and I usually do it together. We both enter the house and talk to each other on AOL as we go thru. It has become a halloween tradition with he and I and I can "help" him as he goes along. When you actually complete the entire house, you will have collected all the gems and other things like codes and you will solve the see, it is just not go in and walk around. There is an entire story line going on with that house as well.

Happy Haunting! See you in the internet haunted house!!!!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

5 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

The Haunted House is lots of fun; all my family working on it ...but don't have the end yet. If you get it I hope you let us know how to do it.

Tinker said...

I only have found 3 codewords. there are 5 altogether. There is also a key to find and a diamond. I have not found those yet.. i am still looking!

Joann said...

yes I found all 5 words....but still not getting to the end

Tinker said...

You are ahead of me. I am still just on 3 key and no diamond yet and i am still in the tunnels under the house. i keep going back to that record player that is very out of place. there is something with that....i just do not know what.

Tinker said...

Joan. I have 4 code words now. I cannot find codeword number 3. I found the diamond. The diamond is in the pumpkin.....remember where the pumpkin is??? I have not found the key. Where is code word number 3??? Or a hint at where it is? I keep going back to that odd record player in the tunnels that does nothing for me yet???