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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeen!!

What is your favorite halloween scary movie?? Please leave your favorite in the comments. I have many as I am a horror/sci-fi person.
Here are some of my favorites:

The Ring : downright creepy!
A Seattle newspaper reporters (Naomi Watts) cousin dies seven days after watching a video. The video contains grainy, weird, frightening images and, after viewing it, you get a phone call saying "seven days". Seven days later, you die. Watts hears this but doesn't believe it. She gets a copy of the tape, views it, then the phone rings...

I think I know why Blair Witch has generated as much negative as positive responses. It FORCES YOU TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THE MOVIE GOING EXPERIENCE!

Hellraiser: Hell-plain and simple.
Famed horror / fantasy novelist Clive Barker wrote and directed this gory, nasty and fun exercise in which Larry (Andrew Robinson) and his wife Julia (Clare Higgins) move into a big house where Larry's brother Frank has been imprisoned after solving an elaborate puzzle box. Larry wounds himself and his blood brings Frank back to life as a skinless, oozing creature who needs the blood of others in order to put himself back together. Julia, terrified but obviously intrigued (she had had an affair with Frank when he was still alive) lures men back to the house where she fatally bludgeons them with a hammer so Frank can feast on their blood. Into this mess steps Larry's daughter Kirsty (Ashley Laurence), who makes the acquaintance of the masochistic beings, the Cenobites, from whom Frank had escaped.

The Shining: Classic horror
"The Shining" is one of those films that looks like a sure-thing, but never does jell. Jack Nicholson stars as a struggling writer who agrees to become the caretaker of a summer resort hotel during the winter season. The longer he stays, the crazier he becomes. Now his wife and young son are in grave danger.

Pet Semetary: I love anything Stephen King!
Pet Sematary really gets to you and touches you deep. It grabs your attention right away and it doesn't let go until the ending credits role. It's pretty easy to explain why, though. The film handles about two very sensible topics. Namely, the death of poor innocent animals and...Child death! I'm pretty sure almost everybody lost a beloved pet when they were young so this story gets to you more than the average fight between aliens for example. In this horror movie, you're a lot more involved...That's the power it has. And of course, a child's death is always touching. You know from the beginning that the poor boy will die and yet, you're still very shocked when it actually happens.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane: Forgot about this one? It's great.
Knowing that this had the "Camp Classic" status, I knew I had to see it, and I was not dissapointed. Davis is at her campiest as Jane, who tortures her sister(Crawford), when she has to take care of her, Jane was a former child star, who had the spotlight stolen by her sister. Great direction by Robert Aldrich(The Dirty Dozen), and a haunting score add to the thrills. Its a little overlong, but still great. Fans of movie classics will love this entertaining and thrilling film.

There are many more but those are a few of my all time favorites.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

The Vanishing...the original by George Sluizer
A Dutch couple enter France for a holiday, the young woman goes into a service station to buy cold drinks and never comes back... the ending is just shattering. There was a remake in was just not as good.

Anonymous said...

Hell Raiser is such a great choice! I was deathly afraid of Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street) when I was younger. Oh, and I can't forget about "Creep Show" by Stephen King!


Angel said...

When I was younger, it was the movie Halloween. I also loved Nightmare on Elm Street. Hellraiser is good. I also love Scream. :)