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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

dirty Fila Drama

Oh the joys of puberty. What used to be a mild mannered, sweet girl has morphed into a screaming, yelling, crying drama diva. Who is that child who looks physically like my child but has no mannerisms at all like the child I used to know? Who is that yelling at me to leave her alone for the 5th time, then running to her room and slamming the door? Who is that telling me that she can no longer wear any clothes with Tinkerbell on them? Who is that telling me that they can no longer wear anything pink? Who is that child now telling me that I am no longer the cool mom?
I will have you know I was always the "cool mom" at her
school because I was a Disney mom. When I helped in the classroom my themed parties were always Disney themed with prizes and all sorts of cool Disney things. And yes, I wore all Disney clothes for the occasion.
Who is the child who is now telling me that she is embarrassed that I am wearing a Tinkerbell shirt? Who is that child who now seems to only want to listen to hip hop music and will most rudely change any music I am listening to, to a hip hop station without asking? Who is this child who stays on restriction for a bad attitude meaning no tv and no computer for a week at a time?
Who is this child who spends can spend an hour on the phone talking to her friend Jennifer? All I hear is Jen, Jen, Jen. Jen this and Jen that. Can I do this with Jen and Can Jen come over?
Who is the child whose cd player was just confiscated for getting a "C" in engineering? I was just put out with that. There was no excuse. She did not do all of her engineering projects and got a "C". Everythign else was all A's and 1 B and that dreaded "C". No excuse in my book. Who is the child that I just caught watching tv after she has been put to bed for the night?
Bed time for her is 8:30pm. I would be sure she was tucked in and lights out for the night. I would then go downstairs to do other things. I noticed, last week, something odd. The tv remote in my room would always be on the TV table right next to the tv...which happens to be right at the door to my room. dirty Fila's room is diagonally across from mine with a short hallway and then the stairs. When I would come upstairs the TV would be on a different channel as well. I finally figured that dirty Fila was pretending to go to bed and would in fact get up and watch tv in my room. She could hear me coming upstairs so she had time to turn off the tv, put the remote down and jump into bed before I got to the top of the stairs. Tricky. Tricky!!
Well, my tv has a child lock/block feature. I did not tell her about it. I just did it. The tv cannot be watched without entering the correct code. Well after the 2nd day of having it locked, she mentioned to me that the tv was broken. How? I asked. She tried to come up with something but she was busted! She said she had been punching in numbers trying to figure out the code. I told her she will never figure it out and it has been purposely locked because she had not been going to bed. That in itself may be adding to the preteen drama. Lack of rest.
The drama is killing me. Preteen drama diva! That is what I am facing. And they say this is just the start of the teen years. So who is that child, mad now for some diva reason? My child...dirty Fila.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Miss Chin said...

Oh I know what your going through. I have a 12 year old boy who is in this phase, though I'm sure a girl is much worse, he is quite enough for me to deal

The joys of parenthood eh? Just think, she will be eighteen

Great site BTW, I found you due to my sister's site (The Rogue Angel).

Tinker said...

Just let me get thru it all Miss Chin. Good luck to you too! :)