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Saturday, November 13, 2004

One Shoe in the Grave

My brushes with death are growing in number. I really do not tell people about them because the few times I have, people have not really believed that I was near death. They thought I was making more of something than it really was. I unfortunately was not. You have to be there in that time and space and just KNOW. I knew that death was very near me, but I was saved each time. It was not my time to go. You get that feeling that something is very wrong or about to happen and it just may.

I have come to believe as a result of these brushes that we all have an appointed time to go. No matter where we are, if it is our time, you will leave this earth. So with that even what seems to be a random murder is not really random. It was the persons time to go. You think that if someone is murdered if only they did not go to that dark deserted parking lot or leave that window unlocked for some stranger to get in the death would not have happened. I think it still would. On that same day and at that same time. If the window were locked the stranger would get in. If they did not go to the deserted parking lot, it would happen some other way because it was their time to go.

I don't like believing that really, but I have no choice. The situations that I will blog about in a few minutes, run thru my mind at least once a week. That we all have an appointed time when the universe calls us back makes me wonder when will mine be. I was talking several months ago to a coworker who lost her husband in an unsual death and another coworker chimed in that "if only he had not...". The coworker who lost the husband said that it was his time to go and even if he had been at church or work that day, he would have died regardless, as it was his time to go. I was shocked. Someone who thought the same as I did. We did not discuss it as she had just lost her husband and I did not want to upset her that day. Since then we have and she does believe as I do that death is not random as it seems to be. When it is our matter how sudden, random, violent or soon it seems, it is your time to go and you will be reclaimed by the universe in whatever manner neccesary to get you to the hereafter. The universe will realign itself to take you at that time no matter where you are.

I will just list these odd places in time in no particular order because as they happened, I did not place a lot of stock but when I look at them all together, Iget a very different picture.

  • When I was a child, my parents, brother and I had gone to a church service at night. the church itself was in the city and in a good party of town, however to get out of town we had to pass thru some not so great areas. We always traveled with our doors locked. We got to a traffic light and there were some men about 1 carlength behind us standing on the sidewalk talking amongst themselves. We were all looking ahead at the light. I was looking for some reason at the men. I had a very weird feeling althought they were still standing in the same spot they had been when we approached the red light. All of a sudden 4 of the men surrounded our car--a man at each door. They were going to attack us, kill us whatever. I yelled for my father to go and he jammed on the gas. 2 of the men had grabbed the back door handles possibly thinking the 2 kids in the back had the doors unlocked. The were dragged a few feet and they let go. We were all shaken about that. It was not our time.
  • A few years ago I was leaving for work at about 7:45. I was leaving my development and it was a spring day. I had my window about 1/4 of the way down, doors locked. I turned out of the development and there is a short little access road there before you get to a light to get to them main highway. I stopped at the development entrance to be sure I could pull out onto the access road. Right there at the complex entrance is a low brick wall/planter with the complex name and know..the standard floral spray that is changed about every 3 weeks it seems by the gardeners.
    Well, all of a sudden a voice said "look behind you." ( I have a voice that alerts me to danger sometimes. It is not my angels voice???) I looked and there was a white man stretched out on the grass in front of the planter. Odd. Why was he there? He was not moving and I thought he may need help. I called to him. No response. I called again. I paused my car and was about to put it into park to get out and go over. I guess he saw the brake lights come on because all of a sudden he leaped up and ran toward my car. He was screaming and yelling with arms outstretched like a stark raving maniac. I jammed on the gas, ran the light and got the hell out of there. I called the police and I went back to meet them there. He of course was gone. I wonder if he got a victim that morning. I know that he was going to kidnap and do god knows what to whoever he could get close enough to. As I was driving away from him , I was looking at him in the side and rear view. When I got far enough away he kicked at the air like "darn...she got away." It was not my time that morning. I was a wreck for about 2 weeks after that...could he find out where I live?
  • This post is of the scariest! Scared out of my shoes.
  • One morning many years ago I had to go to the grocery store before work. I was in Piggly Wiggly about 7:30am. There was about 1 cashier up front. It was early and staff seemed very limited. There did not seem to be anyone in the store but me. I walked up several aisles and there was noone in the store but me. This was a 24 hour a day store so it seemed strange I was the only one. I began to get a very eerie feeling that I needed to get out there. The hair began to stand up on my arms. I was in the back of the store and again that voice said "leave." (This incident happened before the man at the complex.) I left my buggy and walked immediatly to the store front to leave and as I approached the front register area, in walked 2 young black males who looked like complete thugs. I mean complete thugs. They looked like they were going to rob the place. They were looking around shiftily first together and then separating, one going to each end of the store and walking straight back. I heard the voice again say louder this time."LEAVE" I walked faster but not so fast as to attact the attention of the 2 men, and got the hell out of there. I got in my car and flew out of the parking lot. I went on to work. As I drover farther and farther away from the Piggly Wiggly the eerie feeling left/diminished the further the store was in the distance. Low and behold those men robbed that store. It was all over the news that night. Noone was hurt but I knew that if I were there things would have been different for one of the employees in the store. It was not my time, but my alignment in the universe being could have meant something bad for someone else.
  • About 5 years ago on a Saturday night, I had a feeling that I could not sleep. No..that is not right. I had a feeling that I should not sleep upstairs. I just had a feeling. So I stayed up late, downstairs watching movies until about 2am in the morning. the lights were on in the den but not in the kitchen..the 2 are connected. A movie had just ended and I heard a faint sound in the kitchen. Near the window. I got up from the sofa and turned on the kitchen light and I saw a shadow at the kitchen window. It was a person. As I moved toward the window the shadow moved away to the left away from the window. I called the police, hysterical...they came and looked around inside and outside and looked at that window. That man had been trying to break in. He had been trying to pry the screen back from the window to get in. I was freaked to say the lease.
    The next morning, I looked at the window and you could see where he had tried to rip the screen out to get in. It took about 2 months before I could stop sleeping on living room sofa and begin to sleep in my room again. How many times does this happen before the real thing does? Do other people hae this happening to but fail to see the pattern?
  • This happened when I was living in North Carolina in the late 1980's. It was christmas time and I had found a nursery that had a good price on christmas trees and they looked good. (At christmas time you see all sorts of weird people coming out of the woodwork) I pulled in and parked. I was looking around at all the plantsand trees and all of a sudden that feeling came. Something was wrong. I looked around and I saw a mountain man looking at me. I mean a real mountain man, the kind of man who looked just like he stepped right out of the movie " Deliverence." He had just stepped out of an old truck that looked it could not possible run at all. He had on overalls, a plaid shirt and he had a beard like zztop..long down to his waist and long black stringy hair. His eyes looked at me and they were like shiny black marbles. I kid you not. His eyes were black. No whites....just shiny black eyes like charles manson eyes...glowing that horrible glow. And he was staring at me like he had never seen a woman before. I have heard horrible stories of those mountain men capturing women and keeping them like slaves in the woods. I immediately wanted to leave but I had to get my tree. I went to the clerk and told him I had found a tree and needed to have it put in my car right away. He had other customers but said he would get someone to get the tree and tie it to my car. I walked around and waited about 5 more minutes. The mountain man with the black eyes....the entire white pupils....was shopping also and whenever I seemed to look up and see him he was staring at me crazily. I began to get scared like I have never been scared before. People like that can make others disappear. I was about 10 feet away from the register..the mountain man was not in site...when all of a sudden the clerk I had asked to help me came rushing over. He said I had to leave....not just the voice this time..but the voice coming thru a live person. This man said that I had to leave right now..he said that he felt I was in danger by someone in the store..I told him it was that mountain man..he said yes. He said that he would help me get the tree right now. And he did. He grabbed that tree hoisted on my car, tied it and told me to be careful. I left and took the very long way home to be sure I was not followed. Who knows. That mountain man may have been talking to the other mountain man he was with about me and the clerk over heard. The feeling of danger left in about 10 minutes of me driving every which away to be sure I was not followed.
  • My first job out of college sent me to a convention in a town 200 miles away. I went and all was fine. On the way back home trouble began. I noticed that suddenly I was in between 2 big mack trucks in the right lane on the interstate. I did not think anything about it until the truck behind me got much closer and began to go faster. I sped up and soon there was just a little room between the truck ahead and the truck behind. I tried to move into the left lane to get away from them. They both moved over and I was in the same position. I moved back to the right lane. They moved and I again was between them. I came to realize that it was being done on purpose..a lone women on the freeway was like I was being herded into where they wanted me to go. I tried several times to get away and could not. They began to driver faster and I think I was doing about 70. The stretch of road we were on did not have a lot of exits and the ones that did were rural podunk places and lord knows if the police would be able to help. The voice came again and this time is said that I had to" get away." FYI..this voice is a physical voice that I heard like someone is standing next to me talking and at times it is in my head. I began to think that I would not be able to get away. I would be hearded into some dark road and god knows what would happen. I drove for about40 minutes wedged in between those 2 trucks. Obviously they were radioing each other and lord knows how many women they made disappear that way. As we approached exits the trucks would speed up and I would have to speed up not to be hit in the rear by the truck behind. I soon realized that this was a way to keep me from exiting. I was going tooooo fast to exit and sometimes there were other cars on the exit going much slower that 70-75 mph. I would ram them if I did exit. So I decided that at the next populated town no matter what I had to get away. I was going to exit. I felt that since I had heard the voice that I would have 1 chance to exit. The next town was approaching and I stayed wedged in between these two trucks. The first business exit I was not able to take..there were cars already on the exit going slow. I missed the 2nd one also as the trucks sped up and got closer to me. There were only 2 left and come hell or highwater I was taking the next one. The exit was ahead and with no blinker at all I just veered right at 75 to get off the interstate driving on the grass and braking as there were cars on the exit ramp. I drove to the mall and stayed there for about 4 hours. I figured that they would not be waiting for me. Surely if they had deliveries to make they were on their way to them and the next lone woman on the freeway. I made it home of course. I waited until night and I drove home without anything else happening.
  • My first job was at Revco drug store. I dressed to go to slouchy clothes for me..nice wool skirts and sweaters and heels. I was still in college. It was a typical day. I was working the register and stocking shelves near the back of the store. These 2 burly white men in flannel shirts and beards came in and began to follow me around the store. Wierd! Totally! I ignored them and continued to work. Then they began to say things like "I like what I see" and crazy things like that. Then I got the feeling that something was wrong and that I was in danger. I immediately left the back of the store and went to the register and the pharmacy and stayed there. That feeling that something was wrong did not leave so I did not leave the store for lunch. I had someone else pick up my lunch and I ate in the back storeroom. I know those men were still in the mall waiting for me. I asked if anyone had seen those 2 men and yes..they were still in the mall several hours later. I was working night shift so at night we all leave together. Safety in numbers. It was not until 7pm that that feeling of dread left and I knew they had left the mall.

You know. I think I will stop here. I have many many morre situations like this and some are very scary still like the trucks on the freeway and the mountain man at christmas. This one post is long enough. There is a pattern. One ot 2 things I could write that off as coincidence but there are sooooooooo many, it cannot be chance. And the voice..I have learned to listen to it and do whatever it says. Has anyone else experienced any brush with death experiences?

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

Yes and I'll do a blog about it soon. About one of those mountain men right inside of my taxi! Good thing you know when to shoo away from danger.

Anonymous said...

wow...this post scared me since death is my biggest fear. It is a GREAT thing that you have that intuition. That one about the trucks on the highway is terrifying.