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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

46 pairs and counting

I cleaned out my closet on sunday night and I counted 46 pairs of shoes in the closet. That does not account for the 20 or so that may be scattered around the house..under the computer upstairs, under the computer downstairs, left near the back door near the garden because they had mud on them, near the sofa where I collapsed after work. There must be another 20 pairs of shoes not in the closet. Those will not fit in the closet either. The closet floor on both sides have 2 rows of shoes lined up. On the back of the door there is a hanging shoe rack that is completely filled. I will have to do something to get the remaining shoes in the closet?! (EEK!)

I just saw 2 pairs of boots in the mall, I am thinking about getting. Will the addiction end? I think not...not any time soon. Spring is coming and so are spring shoes.

So many shoes, so little time!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

Rod said...

You've got a problem. You're not into crushing or anything are you? Do you eat out of your shoes? Do you smell them to calm you down? Do you lick the bottem of your shoes to get the funny taste OUT of your mouth? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you crazy.

Tinker said...

Now that almost made me spit sprite all over my computer and key board I was laughing so hard. What is crushing? I have never heard of it. Now I CAN see eating out of a shoe..maybe something like chips or popcorn..some sort of pretzle or cookies or candy. No type of wet food. I can see black dress pumps filled with snacks for a holiday party! That would be festive! I can't see drinking champagne out of a shoe. That would ruin the shoe. What is crushing?

Rod said...

It's really freaky. Before I continue I have to say that I am not into this sort of stuff. I am passing this on for information purposes only. Okay ... their or several types of foot fetishes, some people get off on being stepped on or trampled (with or without shoes), and some people like to crush toy cars, fruit, nuts, and stuff (this is called crushing). Others like to suck the heals of high heeled shoes and “stuff”. Some women and guys get off on the woman kicking the man directly in the balls while she is wearing high heeled shoes! If you do a search for high heel crushing or fetish trampling (mostly adult sites), a whole freaky shoe world will open up to you, that my disgust you, or make you laugh, or you might find a new hobby.

Tinker said...

I KNOW that will not become my new hobby....not into any of that kind of stuff! I have heard there is a whole "fetish world" out there...and I distantly know some of it does revolve around shoes but I have no knowledge of it..not sure I want to. I may do a search to see what it all about. Being kicked does not sound like fun and after that does the "equipment" even work? The woman might be in for a disappointment.