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Friday, December 03, 2004


Friday at last. What a day this has been. To begin with I woke up late. I have to be at work at 8:15. I woke up at 8am. So I did not get in until 9:15. dirty Fila has to catch the bus at 8. She missed the bus as well. She did not get up either. She woke up with the sniffles and said her stomach hurt. I know what that means.....a cold or a virus complete with throwing up. I pumped her up with applesauce, orange juice and tylenol for breakfast and prayed she made it thru the day.

Around 1:45pm I got the call from the school nurse to come and get dirty Fila. She had a fever of 102 degrees. That was the end of my work day for me. I went to the school, picked her up and have been dealing with a whiny child ever since. Deliver me from the madness.

Before coming home, I stopped at the store and picked up chicken noodle soup, chicken broth and gatorade for dirty Fila. For me, I decided I was not going to cook. So I would eat for dinner whatever I could find in the cabinets. Right now, I am feasting on smoked oysters, kalamata olive and rosemary bread slattered in butter, Dubliner irish cheese and the last of the merlot. These are some of my favorite foods so it is all good! The dubliner irsh cheese is the best. Sweet, hard and creamy! Unlike any common cheeses we are all familiar with like the cheddars and the know. If you have the chance to find some, buy some. The block I have now is 1.75 lbs and it cost over 8 dollars for that. It is kind of pricey but it is really worth it.

Smoked oysters to me are a staple food. My cabinet is never without them. They go with everything. I can make salads with them for lunch, I can eat them for dinner tossed with pasta and feta or they are great for breakfast. Some people eat shrimp and grits...well I have extended that to smoked oysters and grits.

The bread I got from Costco. They had a booth set up last weekend with gourmet breads--5 different types. I got 3--the olive, harvest and fruit and nut. I have cut 2 and so far I like them equally. The olive is very good. There are large pieces of olive all throughout the bread. The harvest and fruit and nut are both a little sweet.

Tomorrow I have a christmas party to go to. I found a great formal dress to wear today when I went to lunch. It is a black evening gown with a short jacket. The jacket has mauve sparkles/sequins all over. Very holiday-ish. My shoes? My shoes will be my brand new black nine west pumps! Very high heeled.


What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

no milk said...

i am not big on dressing up but always want to wear new shoes :) have fun!

Tinker said...

no milk..I had a great time. I work part time for the disney company so it was a disney party. they even had disney characters at the party...mickey...everyone went crazy when he came in.. he was dressed in his formal christmas attire..with a red top hat and tails. mickey danced with us..he did the electric slide, cha cha slide, macaraina?(Excuse the spelling) and lead a conga line. There we all were... all of us in evening gowns with mickey in his evening attire. It was a great party. this was my first year at this part time job and my first formal disney party. If you know anything about disney it was a very magical experience. Disney not only makes it a perfectly magical experience for guests who visit disney land or florida...but they also made it just as magical for us cast members. It was incredible, complete with special disney gifts for us all and lots of other company perks that were equally as magical.