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Friday, December 17, 2004

A Guitar

dirty Fila wants a guitar for christmas...that was just one of the list of 60 items she wrote in a letter to Santa. (CRAZY) I have told her that she was not getting all those things and told her that Santa's sleigh would not be able to get off the ground if he got her all that of which was a pony. I told her she needed to go thru the list and revise and pick realistic things and to shorten the list. She did. It got down to about 30 items. I think I got about 20 of the items she wanted. The guitar I did not get.

She said she really wants that. I told her she is now in her second year of the violin and she needs to really get the violin down to an art and do alot more practicing. Then, I would consider the guitar once she mastered the violin. She is excited about the violin and asks for new music and tried to play new music all the time. That is a good thing. I am thinking of getting her some private violin lessons to enhance what she is learnign in school. One on one is so much better.

I play the violin as well. I played from 4th grade till I got into college and my parents payed for private lessons as well. I was in the city string orchestra in college, the youth string orchestra and did countless performances. Now I am like dirty Filas private teacher at home when she has problems. I have not played with any consistency since college but you do not really forget. I am very out of practice for complicated songs. I can play all of dirty Filas song books like a pro...they are easy so it helps her when she is stuck with her notes at home.

If she really sticks with the violin and does well, I most likely will get the guitar with the next year or so. She might just be the next Regina Carter. I teased her about that tonight and she just laughed. I told her again she could be the next Regina Carter if she practiced hard. She just looked at me. Regina Carter is my all time favorite violinist. She may be tied with the violinist who plays for Yanni.

She became the first jazz musician and first African American artist to play the legendary violin owned by classical music virtuoso and composer Niccolò Paganini. Paganini's Dream is the best CD ever. I have worn it out and have now even put it in my MP3 player so I can listen to her when I go walking.

I took dirty fila to see Yanni about 6 months ago. LOVE YANNI! Fabulous performance! I was most impressed the famous "woman in the red dress" Karen Briggs (and Yanni in his tight black leather pants). She plays that violin like no other I have seen in person. That whole show was orgasmic!

Karen and Yanni go back 13 years, and most of Yanni’s fans know her as “the woman in the red dress” from his famous “Live At The Acropolis” video. She’s also featured in Yanni's Live At Royal Albert Hall and Tribute videos. Karen’s solos are recognized in a wide variety of musical arenas, and when she gets going in one of her improvisations it can only be described as “spontaneous combustion.” Her live performances include such venues as Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. She’s been asked to record and perform with Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, Wu Tang Clan, Soul II Soul, En Vogue, Chaka Khan, and Kenny Loggins. Karen also had a cameo appearance in the 1999 motion picture Music Of The Heart. Karen enjoys working with Yanni because he encourages her to express herself in her own unique style. Karen has recently signed a solo recording deal with Hidden Beach/Sony.

dirty Fila is jsut getting started with music so we shall see....if she sticks with it and practices and gets really good...I guess I will have to break down and get that guitar.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

2 Broken Heels:

Joann said...

I saw her at a Yanni concert. Loved her. Hope your daughter keeps it up.

Tinker said...

Joanne I may have created a monster..on saturday dirty fila tells me that she is going to spend the day playing her violin. I was thinking to myself ok...that may last about an hour. boy was I wrong....she literally played her violin ALL DAY LONG! (After the first 2 hours I was ready to tear my hair out...but what do you do?) She asked me if I wanted her to stop playing. I told her no..what else could I say. I told her that however long she wanted to play her violin it was fine so, on it went. Practice makes perfect.