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Friday, December 17, 2004

The Evils of Hiphop Shoes Concluded!

Yeah! Funally it is over. There were the first two posts about the shoes that dirty Fila is sying to have.

Evil HipHop Shoes

The Evils of HipHop Shoes Continued

Well it is over! I went to the mall earlier this week..must have been Tuesday. I checked the price of those PhatFarm Shoes and they were on sale...down to $50.00 on sale. I do not call that a sale on athletic shoes as it is all about the name and not what they can do for your feet. I kept looking because maybe I could find them lower someplace else with the christmas sales and all. Well lo and behold, good ole TJ MAXX and Marshalls was where I ended up and guess what, they had them!

I did not have to deal with the "mini" Nino Browns shopping in the other stores and looking at me like I did not belong there. Hell, it looked like some "nino browns" worked there for that matter. All that "bling bling" on their hands and around their necks and "yo what's up" to others shopping. My money spends just a good as those "nino brown types" money...maybe even better...because my money is from a legitimate source. A "J-O-B!"

I got the blue PhatFarms and the end to that shoe quest is finally over! Thank god. I did not want to give what looked like a street thug to me my money for shoes with them looking down at me because I am not down with the homeys!

dirty Fila better be happy or I will have learned my lesson. She better just be ecstatic on Christmas day when she opens that box. If will be plain old AVIAS or FILA or NIKES for her from now on. Those are shoes that actually do something for your feet when you wear them.

In addition the big thing now is Converse. When I was growing up converse were the cheapest shoes around and we used to call the bobo tennis shoes. Now they have become a hot item again due to Snoop Dog? I think? dirty Fila asked for a pair of those and guess what. TJ Maxx and Marshalls came to the rescue. On sale for $8.00. dirty Filas "shoe" christmas will be fulfilled this year. What can I say? When she asks for shoes I just have to comply. She sees my shoes and says I have too many. She has ample shoes herself for a little girl. I guess I cannot deprive her of wanted shoes either.

My shoes addiction might just be passed down for another generation.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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