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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Landlord Responsibility

There is an apartment complex that I pass each day, twice a day to get to and from home to work. In the top unit closet to the highway there is an apartment where a young girl was murdered about 5 months ago by her abusive boyfriend. Aparently what happened was that she had a restraining order because of domestic violence. She moved to get away from him. He found out where she was and came for a visit. They had a small child..2 years old if I remember correctly. The boyfriend came over with a gun and shot just her and then killed himself..all in front of the child. That is a typical and very tragic story all to itself.

The thing that I have now noticed is that someone else now lives there. In that unit. It was empty for a long time. Last week I noticed a plant hanging on the balcony and a chair as well. Now in all these months twice a day I pass by in my car and think of what happened there.

I do believe that places do take on the energy of the people and events that happened there. I would not want to live there and can't really belive that anyone else would want to live there either if they knew what happened. Now I know that apartment rentals are a business but I think that if something like that happened I would want to know before I moved in. I might decide to live else where.

I wonder if the landlord told the party who lived there now what happened? It may take the neighbors awhile to get around to knowing them and then telling them and guess what? They may be trapped in lease for a year. Do landlords have any sort of responsbility in telling future tenants what happened before? I think so. Legally they may have no obiligation except to getting more rent from a new renter from that unit. Morally they should tell.

That space may be a haunted space now. Who knows? Those spirits may be trapped. If it were me I would want to know. My shoes would be making a hasty retreat! Wouldn't you want to know?

What to do about ghosts
The Atlantic Paranormal Society
Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters! Loved that movie! Saw all versions.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

5 Broken Heels:

Me said...

wow. that's sad and then creepy for the people living there. i agree. i'd want to know.

donyell said...

i doubt the new residents know, or they really needed a place to stay...who knows, but life does seem to keep on trucking even in the midst of tragedy...

Joann said...

I think if a house is sold the new buyer gets to know things like that, but not so for apartments. Next time I pick up a realtor I'll ask. I don't think I could live there. ( you have the new comment page. We don't all have it yet.)

Nzyme said...

Hey, Tinker!
Why not leave an anonymous note on their door with a copy of the local news article, a few crosses, and the whereabouts of a good priest in case they want to have the apartment exorcised?

Tinker said...

WOW! Joanne, you are right about this comment page. Kind of neat. let me know about what the realtor says. i'm curious.
Gabrielle I'm with you. Donyell I know that life goes on but some advance warning to a new tenant would at least be a courtesy, I think.
Nzyme I really thought that I would leave an anonymous note but if they do not know and get upset, then were are they? Trapped in a lease they cannot get out of or if they break the lease have to pay a lot of money to do that.