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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Shoes are Soooo Gellin'

Have you ever had those days when you just wanted the world to stop so you could off the ride for just a minute? That is me today. I am so very tired. Of everything. Work, life, home, people in general. I think I am just overly tired. I felt the same on yesterday. I went to work and I snapped at Finishing Shoes and a member of the support staff on yesterday morning. I feel like of bad today for that. They were not so chatty after that or may be I was not so chatty. I was really thinking of calling in sick on yesterday but did not. It would count as an occurrence, so I went to work on yesterday and then put in a request to take today off so it would not count. All is well with that.

I think that we all need to take a mental health day once in a while. This past week end, I went to a 80th birthday party on Saturday that was just like being in church. It was fun, the program was nice and the food was excellent. Most food at church functions are. Sunday was the car. I spent most of the day dealing with getting the oil changed. All is now well with the car.

Last night I made a corn beef brisket. You know after real corn beef you will never want to eat it from a can again.

This morning dirty Fila was like a child possessed. She moves as slow as molasses to get ready and each morning I have to constantly coach and move her along. She was in rare form today. It all ended in me yelling and her crying, her walking bearfoot to the car because she did not want to wear long navy blue socks with her uniform. They are uniform socks. Nothing wrong with them. She decided she could not wear navy blue knee socks anymore. I looked at her like she had lost her mind. She thought she had brought a pair of white footies down to wear and she had not...more tears. Time was running out. We had 5 minutes to make the bus and there she was sockless, shoeless and in tears and all because I was trying to make her wear navy blue knee high socks.

I had earlier retrieved the socks from her sock drawer to help her get ready for school. She must have torn her entire room up last night and this morning trying to find something to wear. It looked like a tornado hit it. I was mad about that. I told her that she needed to spend an hour a day cleaning her room to keep it straight. Why is that so hard??? I told her that if she did not she was going to sleep in the bathtub with a pillow and a blanket! She just looked at me. Today before she gets home, I think I will make her a bed in the bathtub with her pillow, blanket and stuffed animals so that she will know that I am serious about her room.

The next step will be no computer, no tv, no radio, no headphones. See why my shoes are gellin' today? I am having some crazy days in my life of shoes. I plan to have wine today...white z. with lunch. Yes, I am a crazy pair of mismatched shoes today, but I am certain this too shall pass.

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

4 Broken Heels:

Meka said...

It always does...pass that is. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. Love your blog. I too have a not so secret obsession with shoes. Thanks for stopping by.

Tinker said...

Thanks Meka...tomorrow is a new and hopefully better day.

Laniza said...

I agree with setting up her 'bed' in the tub! Let her know that you are SERIOUS!!

Tinker said...

i set it up but dirty fila just looked at me like i was crazy!