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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cell Phones From Hell!

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The lastest drama that has come to my home is the drama of the cell phone. I have a cell phone that I have just for emergencies. I rarely use it. It goes in my purse on long trips or if something important is going on with family. Well, my brother and SIL have given up their land lines for just cell phones, consequently my nephew has a cell. He was here for spring break visiting and his having a cell phone has sent dirty Fila into cell phone fits. Her little shoes are running this place and that place looking at cell phones. Her little fingers are constantly writing down model numbers of phones she sees in the paper or advertisements. Her little eyes are just bulging with trying to scope out cell phone that celebrities are using. Apparently Snoop is using some sort of Blackberry. dirty Fila gives me lists of model numbers of cell phone she wants. Can we say cell phone CRAZY!!!!

To the extent that she is cell phone crazed, I give you the following scenarios. I was wading through her school papers and homework last week and I found a letter. A letter mind you! A letter to the mother of one of her friends. Apparently one of her school friends family is also leaving the land of land lines behind. The letter went something like this:

Dear Mommie of_______,
I know that _____ will be getting a cell phone and your plan has free extra lines and phones with it. Can you add me to the plan for the free phone? I will take care of the bills each month. Just give my bill to ______ and I will pay it.
dirty Fila is 11 so I wonder what sort of job she had to pay the bill? I asked her about the letter and she stood there like a deer in headlights. I told her that it was inappropriate to write any sort of letter like this to anyone. I told her not to do it again and NO! she was not getting a cell phone. You would think that would be the end but nooooo...the plot thickens.

The lists to me with cell phone models written down on them continued to be sent to me, place in front of me when I was blogging, slipped under the bathroom door when I was using it and pointed out to me whenever we were in the mall. All this mania in the last 3 weeks. I know that she must be dreaming of cell phones at night. Visions of cell phones dancing around her head.

I reiterated that she was not getting a cell phone. She did not need one just because her friends had one. I told her she was not responsible enough yet to have a phone. The mania raged on.

Last week I left my cell at my parents house by mistake. Mine is a pre pay because I never use it. It is just for emergencies only. dirty Fila spent the night with my nephew. I had no clue what would have happened to my phone. I had 100 minutes on it when I left it. When I went back the next day I had 8 minutes. dirty Fila never told me she used it. I happened to check it once I got home. I wanted to see if the battery needed to be recharged.

8 @#!%^&$$# Minutes!

Man was I livid! I asked her who she had called. Silence. I asked her why she used my phone. Silence. I asked her if she had permisson to use it. Silence. I sent those shoe scurring to her room with not tv and no computer and no radio!

I checked out the cell phone. She had made multiple calls to her school friends and the craziest thing of all was the she called my nephew long distance and spoke to him multiple times when he was right there in the same house with her. She wasted all of my minutes just playing on my cell. Once I got the skinny of who all she called, I called her from her room and we spoke about it again. I went through each of the numbers and found out who she called. In addition, I told her that calling my nephew who was in the same room with her was just plain old ridiculous. I went over how irrresponsible she was and that this was proof that she was not ready for a cell phone.

You would think that it would end there. Well I thought it had. Until I found a noted to her deadbeat dad typed on photo paper because she did not realize I had been printnig photos in the trash. It had a list of cell phone models on it and a note saying she needed to have someone pay her monthly bills. We had a very long talk again about her not getting a cell and that she had definitely gone the wrong way with that last letter. Her deadbeat dad has not paid one dime for her in 11 years. Why did she think that he would pay her monthly cell phone bill? I forbid her to write any more letters to anyone regarding cell phones. She was not ever going to have one any time soon.

I hope this is the end because I sure am tired of this cell phone mania! I must go now. I need to buy more minutes for my phone. Plus I guess I will have to use the phone code and lock it from now on!

Cell phone for dirty Fila? Not over my diamond buckled shoe!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

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Joann said...

Our daughter is now 17. She has had a phone for a few years now. My husband and I both drive cab, and she has had many after school things to do. Or if she has to walk alone. We need to keep in touch with her. She once used her phone to go on line. That one cost $300. She lost a phone or two. She does great with it now. I now have a million minutes. Sprint loves me.

Anonymous said...

Stop violating your daughters privacy by looking throiugh her journal/notes/homework. How will she ever begin to trust you? If you continually root through her stuff she will continually try and hide things from you. She is 11? If you've forgotten how important it is for an 11 year old to trust her mother with everything, then you need to do some re-thinking. Set a few cell phone gound rules, get her a pay as you go line and make her pay for it through lots of chores, IT WILL TEACH HER THAT MONEY = MINUTES....