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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Just 2 Popes Away From Armageddon

I was watching the morning news, I think on Monday of this week and heard the news that we are 2 popes away from armageddon. I had not heard about this before. Of course I have heard all about revelations and the end of times, 666, the antichrist and Nostradamous. I had not heard of the prophecies of St. Malachy. From the news report there are only to be 2 more popes and Benedict XVI is one of the two. After they reign some sort of judgement day will happen.

The 12th century Irish seer St. Malachy prophesied an end to the Roman Catholic Church and predicted the fates of the pope until Judgment Day. After John Paul II dies only two popes remain on the Doomsday list .

In 1139 St. Malachy set out from Ireland on a harrowing pilgrimage to Rome. On sighting the Eternal City he fell to the ground and began murmuring cryptic Latin phrases, each signifying the future destiny of the popes.

For four hundred years the manuscript was locked in the labyrinth of the Vatican. On its rediscovery in 1595 it was rejected by the Church authorities as fraudulent but the content of the prophecies remains remarkably and chillingly accurate: to this day 90 per cent have come true.

In examining the context of St. Malachy's life, his pilgrimages and his miracles, John Hogue presents a fascinating account of the fates of the popes and eight hundred years of Catholic prophecy: including contemporaries, St. Hildegard von Bingen, Joachim de Fiore and Nostradamus, whose vision of the papal succession closely resembles that of St. Malachy.

In this first complete study of the prophecies in almost a hundred years, Hogue brings his expertise to new revelations regarding the authenticity of the mottoes. As the Roman Catholic Church continues to witness an eclipse in papal power this masterly work uncovers the truth about St. Malachy's prophecies and reveals their significance as an account of the papal progression which Vatican policy makers have found too threatening to acknowledge.

This was very interesting and ominous to hear on monday morning. I happened to be up late on last sunday night and was flipping thru the infomercials about 11:30 or so and came up on Jack Van Impe presents. When I have had insomnia in the past I have actually watched his show. There was literally nothing else on tv. I think the last time I may have seen it was in 1999 when I was sure that the world was coming to an end in 2000 or 2001 with 2001 being the real year bibilically that the world was to end--according to Jack Van Impe. He was kind of scary with that. He almost had me convinced the world was ending. He and his wife were/are pretty wierd. Well, last sunday night there was Jack Van Impe talking about the end of the world after the next 2 popes. I thought he was just as weird as ever until I heard the same thing on the news on monday morning.

Of course I had to see if there were some books and of course there were. Some really good ones are:

Mini Review: I will have to buy to see what it is all about. Things like this really do interest me. As an X-FILE addict, I really do believe UFO's are real. (I have seen a ship but that story is for another post)

The Prophecies of St. Malachy_ by Peter Bander republished by TAN Books consists of comments on the saint's life and then his prophecies regarding the future popes from the twelfth century till the end of time. Saint Malachy of Armagh, Ireland was an eleventh century bishop and saint who died in the hands of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux and who foretold the day and hour of his own death. According to legend, Saint Malachy had a series of visions while visiting Rome which consisted of the prophecies regarding all future popes till the end of time. These prophecies consist of brief Latin descriptions of all the popes, which have born an uncanny resemblance to various aspects of each subsequent pope's reign. Many have scoffed at these prophecies, and some regard them to be forgeries, however they continue to hold up to scrutiny even into these modern times.

Malachy predicted 112 popes ahead of his time until the destruction of the Church of Rome and the end of the world. These predictions are especially relevant to these modern times because depending on how the prophecies are interpreted, it may be that we are living near the end of days. According to the prophecies, the recently deceased Pope John Paul II was "De Labore Solis", and the soon to be elected future pope will be "Gloria Olivae". This pope will be followed by the last pope "Petrus Romanus". Malachy has written "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people." Some have interpreted this to mean that following Pope John Paul II there are only two popes left. However, others more wary of this interpretation have suggested that "Petrus Romanus" need not follow directly after "Gloria Olivae" but there may be a gap. This interpretation seems to make sense.

These prophecies also predict many of the antipopes who reigned along with the popes but who were deemed not canonically elected by the church. With the recent death of Pope John Paul II and much speculation regarding his successor, as well as with the events of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent crisis in the church, these prophecies are proving particularly important to consider. They have enjoyed immense popularity and consider to do so as we near the coming papal election. Indeed, it may be that we are living near the end of days as predicted by the prophets

Now all this talk of the armageddon has made me think I need to get ready. I guess I will have to begin to stockpile food and maybe a weapon or two along with my bibles. You know when I was little and this is true, I used to have a reocurring dream every August. I had it for many years, from 1st grade until 7th grade. I always had this dream during the same week of August also. It was very strange. I used to dream that Jesus came back in my time and it was the end of the world as we know it, but he came in a space ship from the sky. There was always pandamonium along with weeping and the gnashing of teeth. I have since learned as an adult there are thoughts on the UFO and Jesus connection.

Now I have found the best sites/things you may need in case you want to get ready too. Let's get ready together cause we are only 2 popes away from armageddon.

Aluminum Foil Deflector Hat: this is a must!
Building a safe room or bomb shelter
How to Properly identify fresh road kill that is fit to eat! (Food may become scarce)
Determining if you are an alien abductee
Wilderness Survival Guide

And of course, everyone please get a pair of armageddon appropriate shoes! Heels will not due. We should all invest in a pair of waterproof hiking boots. We need to be ready for the chaos. L. L. Bean has a wonderful pair of sturdy rugged boots for men and women.

LL Bean

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

3 Broken Heels:

Rod said...

I've been talking about this stuff for a while, it trips me out. I haven't posted about it because it deserves a long post, which I rarely do because I should be working.

A few quick things ..
- This does not say when Jesus is coming. Know one knows not even J man himself (check your Bible).
This not the Armageddon you are thinking of. It is the end of the Church. Depending on how you interpret revelations it is the end of the Catholic Church only. (again check your Bible).
If Jesus were in any type of vehicle, he would be in a pimped out lowrider not a space ship. Everyone knows Jesus loved to push buttons and he was down for his homies.

Thanks for posting this, you are the only one that said anything about it in my blog circle of homies.

Tinker said...

rod: it is strange.. trips me out to. i did check and you are right. it is the end of the catholic church and romes falls. others say it does factor into the last days of revelation. as far as the pimped out low rider, i guess he would have the spinners too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

You believe UFO's are real?? As opposed to what, fake ufo's? What are you really implying, or are you just assuming that aliens are automatically associated with unidentified flying objects? Please give mankind's us!