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Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday's Sneakers

Today was "monday" personified. It came right up to me and kicked ME with a diamond buckled shoe. Everything that could cause a hectic monday at work happened. I was bombarded with files because the new hire we have just gotten is still in training. I am temporarily doing her job. Can we say want to tear all my shoe laces OUT! In a BIG way!!!!! All the changes that I wrote about in Shuffling Shoes happened today. We had musical chairs. The bad thing of it all--- guess who is close enough for me to hear talking on the phone all day long!!! Boomhauer! Boomhauer is just too close. God help me. I will have to hear her talking all day. Finishing shoes just looked at me all day and laughed. She knew I was most annoyed. (Don't know who Boomhauer is? Watch King of the Hill. This woman talks JUST like Boomhauer!)

It gets better. For dinner last night I made some chicken and spinach fettachinni. There was enough for today for dinner. When I got home after working late dirty Fila had eaten it all. There was none left for me. I could have made something for dinner for myself but I was just too tired. I just threw together what I could. My dinner consisted of baked garlic, french bread, wine and Dubliner Irish cheese. The baked garlic I made last night. Well of course I ate an entire head of garlic on the bread. I guess I am spewing forth garlic fumes now. Thanks Geek Thug! ( I got that garlic idea from you awhile ago, we were posting about baked garlic so I found a recipe on the net and tried it. Very good! Amazing what heat can do to change the taste of fresh garlic. )

I noticed that dirty Filas sneakers were dirty so I asked her to get all of her sneakers and let me eye ball them. They were all dingy and needed washing. Then I threw mine in the mix. So tonight was sneaker wash night. Bewteen the two of us 9 pairs were washed. These were just the pairs that were dirty. Many more were clean and in the closets for both dirty Fila and I. No wonder our sneakers never really wear out. We have too many to wear out!

Before Washing!

What I do is kick them in the pants with a diamond buckled shoe!
~~Aileen Mehle~~

5 Broken Heels:

princessdominique said...

I'm back, and I believe that's why I don't own a pair of sneakers/tennis shoes. They get TOO filthy! I'm going to link you.

Rod said...

Glad you liked the garlic. I bet you won't get sick for a few months now.

SOH said...

Sneakers can always be washed. Hence, they may actually be cleaner than other shoes in the long run (so to speak) :-)

Holly Desimone said...

Hi Tinker,
I have one pair of nikes, I have to get a new pair! I check out some really cute flats at PAYFORLESS. I may check out Shoe Company, I never been there, so if you have tips on buying sneakers which I am sure you do, can you do a post about it! Thanks Holly

Tinker said...

princess dominique: you are linked as well!

rod: the bad thing is I bought a whole bag..with about 30 bulbs in it! I will be eating alot of garlic in the next month!

soh: you might just be right soh!

holly: holly i might just have to do that re the sneakers. i have worn many diff styles and some recently have some better attributes than others. i have also found some cute summer flats in the past at payless! and they are a good price of course!